Saturday, October 22, 2022

Art of the Blessed Sacrament Gallery Walk & Visio Divina

Visually telling the story of what we believe using paint, mosaic, and stained glass, beautiful sacred art from across the centuries is a gift to the Church. More than just decoration, these works are perfect teaching tools. With more and more art available online in the public domain, I love pulling together collections surrounding a theme I am teaching about to add another element to my students' studies and prayer.

I used these as part of a set of stations about the Eucharist that my students worked on over a few days in the classroom. I hung them around the room and students had time to walk, look, pray, and journal. I adapted the guidelines for Lectio Divina to work with Visio Divina- "Divine Seeing." I hope that the steps (which are familiar to my students) will help them slow down and really ponder this art.

I printed this set at an office supply store on 11x17 paper and then laminated them at school. Each page only cost $.60, so for less than $5 I've got a collection mini posters of classic art for my students to learn from and pray with.

Click here for  pdf with 12 pieces of art that you can print at home or an office store:

Click here for a student reflection sheet:

Click here for a guide on the steps of Visio Divina:

Click here for a set of the art in a Google Slideshow, perfect for pulling up on a smart board or screen, or something that you could share digitally with your students:

Click here for a Google Classroom ready assignment with all the Visio Divina steps:

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