Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Prayer for the Pope Coloring Page & Papal Trivia

Today is the 11th Anniversary of the election of Pope Francis! This papal conclave was my first as a teacher, and I had recently switched from working at a public school to teaching at a Catholic school. I remember following Pope Benedict XVI's resignation and working to explain it to my students. We then followed the coverage together, and I looked all over for resources to teach them about the historic events. I made some things of my own and we watched videos of the cardinals gathering in Rome, and later the white smoke appearing above the Sistine Chapel and then meeting Pope Francis for the first time.

On this anniversary, I'd like to offer this coloring page for you to use with your children to pray for our pope! I wrote the prayer to be simple by meaningful, using kid-friendly language. Added to make it a coloring page are illustrations from Kortnee Senn, the talented illustrator from our book We Have a Pope.

Click on the image above or here to print the coloring page!

If you'd like another activity, try out this set of Papal Trivia:

Or you could grab a copy of We Have a Pope at The St. Paul Center here or it is also available on Amazon here.

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