Friday, December 14, 2012

What is...Advent Jeopardy?

Alex Trebek I am not. but I do love Jeopardy.

Back in college, I got a hold of an editable powerpoint file that was set up like a Jeopardy game.  You actually click on the point value and it goes to the slide with the "answer," and then another click reveals the "question."  It might as well of been gold.  The thing has been used in many classrooms for everything from reviewing the Rock Cycle to practicing multiplication.

So why not make it about Advent?  Here are a couple of Advent Trivia games for use with mid elementary to middle school kids.  Actually, I have used them with my Youth Group too, which they enjoyed.

Unfortunately, the fonts and style did not transfer quite perfectly to Google Drive, but I imagine that you can do a bit of editing once you have downloaded them to your particular version of Power Point.

There is a link to another Jeopardy game all about the Saints of December here.

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