Friday, June 14, 2013

ACTS Prayer Lapbook

Back in this post I wrote about how I used the acronym ACTS to help my students through a sort of guided Holy Hour.  We created that prayer space in our Fulton Sheen Notebooks, but you can create the same thing in a file folder lapbook.

Start with a file folder and decorate the outside with the acronym and symbols.  A link to the printable is at the end of the post.

 On the inside of the folder, attach the prayer starters.  Printable can be found in this post. I connected them with a single piece of scotch tape at the top so that they would open like a flap.
 This allows space for the kids to journal privately during their prayer time.  If this lapbook is something that you want to be used multiple times, you could easily add a stack of post it notes under each flap, allowing for much more writing space.
Click here for a link to the printable of the symbols.  

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