Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Little Prayer Books

A quick little organizational tool that has changed my classroom? $1 photo albums.

As we work on developing and memorizing standard prayers, I always make prayer cards for the kids to have on hand.  Not only can they use them to help as they are memorizing, but then they also have them as a resource for the future as they add to their arsenal of prayer.

But honestly, those prayer cards never stayed where they were suppose to be or could be found when needed.  Last school year, I finally solved the problem by purchasing an inexpensive "brag book" photo album for each student.  At a $1 a pop, they have saved my sanity and provided a personal prayer book that each student can keep and hopefully use in the future.

I purchased the photo albums from Dollar Tree (I ordered online- in store won't always have enough for a whole class).  These photo albums perfectly fit the prayer cards, which are one-fourth of an 8 x 11" sheet of paper.

I was even organized enough to print a bunch of the prayer cards on cardstock before school started, so now all I have to do is pull out the next set when I am ready to introduce a new prayer.

A super easy and practical way to help me foster an environment of prayer in my classroom, as well as give my students the tools they need as they grow in faith.

Interested in some of those prayer cards you see in our little prayer books above?  I organized all of my prayer cards and mini books, complete with original illustrations, into a free 90 page ebook.  You can print any or all of the prayer cards to use with the kiddos in your life and make their own little prayer books!

The free Prayer Card Collection ebook is a special gift for my subscribers- and it can be yours too!  Just enter your email over in the right column of my blog, and your ebook will be on its way!


  1. I am already subscribed to your email list- can I still get this great resource? Thank you!

    1. Hi Steph! I'd love to share! If you already an email subscriber, you should have received it this summer- sorry you missed it! Can you send me an email to looktohimandberadiant (at) blogspot (dot) com from the email you subscribed with and I'll send you a copy. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks! It has been a great teaching tool (and organization system!)

    2. I tried to figure out how to get this to download. If I am already a subscriber is there something else I need to do? Thanks!

    3. Hi! When you became a subscriber, you would have received a verification email and there is a link/attachment of the ebook at the end of that email. If you have been a subscriber since before this July, you would have received an email with the link/attachment. If you don't still have either of those emails, send me an email at looktohimandberadiant (at) gmail (dot) com and I will manually send it directly to you. Thanks!