Thursday, March 8, 2012


Surrender seems to be on my mind a lot lately.

St. Paul knew a thing or two about surrender:

Wealthy, well educated, powerful, kickin'-Christian-butt-and-takin'-names: Saul had it goin' on.
That is, until he got knocked to the ground, blinded by unnatural light, and forced to question everything that he thought he believed.

"In a blinding flash of light the Risen Lord penetrated the inmost being of Saul-henceforth to be known as Paul- shattering his resistance, causing a complete change of mind and heart, that lead him to be a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ." ~Bishop Saltarelli

Saul had a choice- listen and surrender, or deny truth and maintain control.
He chose to surrender.

That was our topic at youth group last Sunday.

We also brought good-old St. Francis of Assisi into the discussion, whose conversion was similar to Paul's in a lot of ways.

After talking about their stories, we related it back to how we can surrender our lives to Christ.  We brainstormed what modern youth need to let go of.  Control, the future, relationships, family, power, money, stuff, education, popularity, etc.

Then the kids had a chance to demonstrate that surrender.  Surrender=white flag in imagery, right?
Personal white flag+Marker+Prayer Time with this song playing:

White Flag+Fire Outside=send your surrender to God.
Yes, it started snowing in the middle of this activity. We didn't let it stop us.

We surrender.   
"God gave himself to you; give yourself to God." ~Blessed Robert Southwell

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