Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who would you put your money on?

You know how people pretend to put two things up against each other in a contest and then argue over who would win?

For example:

Chuck Norris vs. Spiderman (crazy martial arts skills or shooting your own web?)
Samson from the Bible vs. Fabio (it's a hair thing)
MacGyver vs. My Dad (My Dad would win, and he could do it without duct tape)

FYI, the man on the left is MacGyver, sporting a mullet.  The man on the right is my dad, sporting some sort of a comb-over.
Here is a new one:

Semi Truck vs. 25 year old White Planter (As in, farm equipment with which you put lots of seeds in the ground.)
Who would win?
Argue about it all you want, but I have evidence.
Because it happened to my sister and her fiance last week.

Read all about the contest here.


  1. Was the truck driver from the mid-west? Any good midwesterner knows to always move over and wave to the farmers! Ps-I never noticed how much MacGyver looks like Pat Sajak from Wheel of Fortune :)

  2. Until I read the original story - I thought "White Planter" was a big white colored container for flowers or a nice topiary. :)

  3. Rachel, I never thought about Pat Sajak! :)

    Anita, I added a note to promote further clarification.