Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Keeping Advent, Advent

I LOVE Advent.  The preparing, the waiting, the hope, the peaceful promise.

Do you want to keep Advent, Advent in your home or classroom?  Here are some ideas for you to use with your kiddos to keep and celebrate the season of Advent:

Looking for music to keep you in the season?  Check out this Advent Song Playlist:

And videos are always a great addition in the classroom:

Make a Peg Doll Nativity:

Or this All Natural Peg Doll Nativity:

And some Animals for a Peg Doll Nativity:

Printable Advent Candles for an Advent Wreath:

What Advent Looks Like printable:
What Christmas Looks Like printable:

Or the whole Liturgical Year coloring book:

Wandering Wise Men: 
An alternate activity to Elf on the Shelf, I used the Wise Men from our classroom Nativity to emphasize the waiting and preparing and seeking that is required of us during Advent.  Click on the images to go to the posts with 15 different ideas.


O Antiphon Coloring Book, Mini Book, and Ornaments:

Seeking our Savior: An Advent Detective Journey based on Scripture, showing how Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in Christ.  Printable coloring book, Scripture cards, mini craft projects, and a leaders guide.

 Advent Jeopardy Trivia games here and here.

 Party Like a Saint- A December-Saint-Themed Advent Party with crafts and games.

What if they had email?  Youth Group Advent lesson idea putting the Christmas story in a new perspective.

 A Stocking For Jesus: Activities to go along with the book, including some Advent printables.

Nativity Photo Booth, putting all of those Nativity play costumes and props to good use!


Advent Prayer Ring- Great for Youth Groups or Bible Studies:

My Gift- An Epiphany Readers' Theater:

Journaling Coloring Pages for each Sunday of Lent:

How will you be keeping Advent this year?

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  1. I love these links of resources - especially the playlist! Thank you for these resources. And, I had never seen peg doll animals. I will need to make sure my friends who do peg doll decorating have thought about the nativity set!

    1. Thanks! Music sets the tone, so I have a playlist for everything :). And I love the peg doll animals and nativity- that has been my favorite project recently! :)

  2. We love the playlists too!!! Can't wait to share them with our crew!

    We may even do the Advent Detectives Journey - as we always try to incorporate one new thing. Never heard of that one before.

    Hopefully our WiseMen show up again this year - they've kept us on our toes to remind us daily to seek Christ. Such a fun devotion!

    Great post on {keeping Advent, Advent}!

    1. Glad you like the playlists! And the Advent Detective Journey is super fun! :)

  3. I just love looking at your posts. You are an inspiration. Thanks for what you do and share.

  4. So many great ideas--especially the wandering wisemen. I dread the appearance of that elf on the shelf!

  5. Katie, I don't know if I ever told you that we did Seeking Our Savior with our Little Flowers group last Advent. My tiny parish is now a mission so our beautiful rectory isn't used much. I set up stations in different rooms and it was great!!!