Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Order of the Mass Activity Cards

Our faith is one filled with order, rhythm, and structure.  Introducing kids to the meaning and richness behind that order, especially of the Mass, can help them understand and enter into worship with all the faithful.  I've used a couple of sets of cards about the order of the Mass for years in my classroom for this purpose, but decided to upgrade my handwritten-on-index-cards to these nice printables that I can share with you.  We typically use these as station activities during our Eucharist unit, but they also lend themselves to jigsaw activities, or you can print a whole class set and work through them together. Below, I've given you a few tips and ideas for using the cards with kids, but the possibilities are endless! I'm sure you can come up with many more uses that will fit the needs of your students!

Details and ideas for using the Order of the Mass Cards:
-Includes a Key Card to help you quickly check (or have students self-check)
-Includes Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, and Concluding Rites heading cards with a border to help with organization
-Cut out and shuffle the stack and have students put the parts of the Mass in order from start to finish across a large table or the floor (better for older students or students who need a challenge)
-Label the cards with four different colors for the four main parts of the Mass so putting them in order isn't so overwhelming (better for younger students or students who need a little more help)
-Only give one part of the Mass at a time to put in order (even easier)
-Put cards in order and label with a small number on the back.  When finished sorting, students can flip them over and easily self check to see if their order is correct
-Pair with a play Mass set to help the students match the names of the parts of the Mass with the objects used during Mass
-Give the students a child friendly missal to do their own research about the Order of the Mass
-Punch a hole in the corner of the cards and put them in order on a carabiner or binder ring.   This could be an alternate way for a student to put them in order without a lot of table space or a storage solution
-Bring the cards on a carabiner or binder ring to Mass.  Help the child flip a card for each new part of the Mass to help them pay attention and learn the parts of the Mass without flipping through a missal

I also love to share the Scriptural origin of the Mass with my students and reveal how much of the Bible they know just from the responses and prayers at Mass.  This set of cards gives nine Bible references to look up that connect to a part of the Mass.  The students can look up the verses and see if they can identify the origin of the Holy, Holy, Holy, or the prayer of Consecration, etc.

Details and ideas for using the Connecting the Order of the Mass and Scripture cards:
-The tenth card of the set is a key for matching the parts of the Mass with the Bible verses for the teacher or for the students to self check
-Provide cards and a Bible to students and give them time to look up the reference individually.  Then discuss as a group what part of the Mass they think the verse matches.  Then try the next verse
-Pass out different individual cards to individual students or partners.  Have them look up the reference, match it to the Mass, and share their ideas with the whole group
-Write the nine parts of the Mass from the key on the board or a large piece of paper.  Have students look up the verses and then go write in the verse next to the part of the Mass
-Using a missal and a Bible, discuss how similar or different the Bible verses and the prayers we use today are to each other
-Have the students pick another part or prayer of the Mass and research its Biblical origins

Click here to download and print the Order of the Mass Cards:

Click here to download and print the Connecting the Order of the Mass and Scripture Cards:


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    Katie, I just realize I tell everyone but you how much I LOVE and rely on your blog, as a mom and now as the Director of a Children's Religious Education program. You are SUCH a blessing. Thank you!

    1. You're so sweet, Shannon! Thank you for your kind words, and for sharing the blog! :)

  2. You are very creative! You inspire me! Thank you for sharing so many of your talents!

  3. Thank you for this resource! I can’t wait to use with my 5th graders��

  4. This outstanding!! I am trying to add "center" to our faith formation rooms and this is one of the first things I found. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful activity.

  5. Is this no longer printable? I keep clicking “here” and nothing happens.

    1. Hello! Yes, it is still available! Click on the image of the document you would like to print and it will open in a separate tab as a pdf that you can download and print.

  6. What a great way to make all of this information fun! I put my students in teams and had them figure it out. Then we checked with the order list you provided. Tomorrow they will do it alone without any help. Thank you!

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