Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Be Not Afraid {Guest Post}

In a world that craves the true, the good, and the beautiful, is a joy to host the third Why Make Beautiful Things series here at Look to Him and Be Radiant. You can read the original post with my thoughts on beauty here and read all the guest posts in the previous series here. Today I have the honor of sharing a Q&A with Lindsay Trezza of Just Love Prints. We'll be featuring guest posts all week, and a huge giveaway of beautiful things on Friday, so make sure you check back!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name's Lindsay. I'm a designer and artist living in a cute Connecticut town with my husband and daughter, Avila. When I'm not designing fun products for my company, Just Love Prints, you can find me kickboxing, listening to Catholic podcasts (Among the Lilies is my favorite), and taking long walks with my family where we stop to smell all of the beautiful flowers. Avila just learned how to point, so it's funny to watch her point to all of God's creations and squawk to get our attention!

Tell us about Just Love Prints. How did it come about? 
I used to be a graphic designer for some pretty cool companies. I designed activity books, fun school supplies, pajama pants, lacrosse gear, and room decor for tween girls. But in 2015, I decided to leave my job to pursue Just Love Prints full time. This was a scary leap for me, but I trusted that God had something wild in store – and He did! Sharing my Catholic faith through the products I design for Just Love Prints is something that I truly feel God has created me for - and I love every minute of what I do.

How has motherhood impacted your business? 
Being a mom adds a whole other world of joys and challenges to my day. I definitely have to be on my toes at all times. Flexibility is a must! Some days, Avila needs a little more love and attention, and that's okay! I'm learning to adapt and not beat myself up if I don't accomplish a huge chunk of my daily to-do list. Getting to spend time at home with my daughter while building up my business has been such a huge blessing.

How has your faith impacted what you do?
I love the quote by St. Teresa of Calcutta where she says, “I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.” At first, I didn't fully realize the impact that my artwork and products could have on the lives of others. I was just creating as a way to express myself and my faith. However, over the years I have gotten many thank you messages about how a particular design touched the recipient. I realized that God really is using me, even if I didn't realize it at first! It's exciting to think how He might use me next.

What has been your favorite design or product and why?A few months ago, I decided to create a temporary tattoo that said "Be not afraid" in St. John Paul II's actual handwriting. The positive response and feedback I've received from customers has been overwhelmingly positive and humbling. Many customers have reached out to me to tell me that they wore the tattoo in labor as a reminder to stay strong through contractions. One woman reached out to tell me she would be having brain surgery soon, and that she'd be wearing the tattoo in the operating room. Another bought several packs of tattoos because she wanted to wear them over the course of her weight loss journey. It's amazing to see how God is working through all of this!

Do you have any tips for recognizing God's beauty in the day to day shuffle?
Pray to God that He might show you His beauty each day. I've prayed this prayer before, and He did not disappoint! Some other strategies: Enjoy the little moments. Make memories. Breathe. Literally stop to smell the roses. Remember to look up at the stars. Unplug for a bit. And trust God with your worries.

Lindsay Trezza is a graphic designer with a heart for evangelizing millennials through Catholic imagery and fun products. In 2015 she decided to take a leap of faith and leave her design job in order to pursue Just Love Prints full time. This was a scary leap, but she trusted that God had something wild in store – and He did! Taking this leap has enabled Lindsay to work from home while spending time with her infant daughter. These days, you can find her working on projects while her little one naps. #NaptimeHustle She hangs out on Facebook and Instagram daily, so give a follow to see what she’s up to!

P.S. Don't forget to check back on Friday- Lindsay has donated a beautiful print and set of JP2 tattoos for the Beautiful Things Giveaway. Make sure you come back to enter!

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