Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Make Your Own Mini Peg Doll Mass Set

Painting peg dolls has become a little hobby of mine, and ever since I posted this set of Peg Doll Saints and a church with a Mass set a couple of years ago, I've gotten lots of questions about the items I used for the Mass vessels.  I'm currently working on gathering examples of tools for teaching about the Liturgical Year, so I figured now was a good time share an updated post with you.  If you're interested in a way to teach about Mass articles, the order of the Mass, the Liturgical year, or if you just want to encourage creative Catholic play, you might like this little Make-Your-Own Mass set.

Here are the items in this little set- a priest and altar, real candles and candle holders, altar cloths and chasubles in the major Liturgical colors, a paten and chalice, a crucifix, and a Roman Missal.

Here are links to the items needed for this Mass kit.  Many of the small wood items I actually purchased at Hobby Lobby, but these are very similar:
(Amazon affiliate links- If you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no cost to you.)
Candle Holders
Roman Missal
Chasubles and Altar Cloths (white, purple, green, red)
Acrylic Craft Paint (white, tan, burgundy, gold, brown, black)

Here are a few details about how I made each item in this mini Mass set.  They vary slightly from the Mass set in this post,  but I like this new chalice much better and wanted to add the altar crucifix to the kit.  Pretty much everything I painted required 2-3 coats of paint.  I didn't seal the sets, which is just a personal preference, but sometimes I've used a matte spray sealer like this, and I know some people really like a glossy finish like this.

-Paint gold, add white host (I used a marker cap to "stamp" the circle) and small tan cross

-Paint candle holders gold
-Cut birthday candles to make a little shorter using a sharp knife
-Shave down end of candle so that it will more easily fit in holder

-Paint face dark tan and body white
-Paint hair
-Paint beard & mustache (I was going for a Jesus-look-alike-priest to emphasize that the priest acts In Persona Christi, but you could also paint yours to look a little more like your own parish priest)
-Paint eyes
-Paint hands & arms

-One sheet of felt can make 8 chasubles that are 2 1/4" x 6"
-Fold chasuble in half and cut out small "V" to make neckline
-While still folded, round corners
-Try on peg doll to see if it fits
-You can use gold fabric paint to decorate!

Altar cloths:
-Cut to fit your altar, in this case 4" x 6"
-One sheet of felt made four altar cloths
-If you have extra white, you also could make corporals and purificators

-Using a 1 1/2" spindle, cut off the top and bottom small pegs
-I used a Dremel with a cutting disc, and it was fast & easy- no sanding even necessary!
-Paint gold, add burgundy paint on top for wine

Roman Missal:
-Paint burgundy
-Add gold Chi Rho (or Alpha & Omega, or cross, etc.)

-Paint dark brown
-Add gold Corpus ("W" for arms, head, body, legs)

And there you have it!  All of the items for this mini Mass set fit right inside the altar, making it perfect to pull out in your home and classroom and then store away when you are done.

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  1. Oh, Katie! I am always wowed by your products and activities. Funny thing, this past year my religion books had a delayed arrival, so I improvised and started the school year with the Parts of the Mass. What an awesome time I had with my fourth graders, and I really felt like they understood and retained the info all year (teacher win!). So, I had already planned to beef up that new “unit” this summer in preparation - what a great addition this little set would be ... Thank you for getting my wheels turning!

    1. Hi Christine! Sorry I missed your comment until now! Bummer about the books, but what a great way to use that time! I bet they will remember that unit more than anything ;). I have some Mass activity sheets just posted today that might be helpful- tuck them away for next year!