Monday, March 27, 2017

A Kids-Can-Make Peg Doll Nativity

School auction season is upon us, and I am always in search of a new kid-centered auction idea.  At our school each class makes and donates something special for parents and parishioners to bid on with proceeds helping fund large scale projects for the school.

We've made classroom books, painted pottery, etc. Two years ago we made this chalkboard table. This year, I decided to help the kids make something that might appeal to the parents of younger students, so we created a hand painted peg doll nativity.  Making Saint peg dolls has become a go-to gift for me, and I knew my students could handle making a set with a little guidance.  Each kid chose one person or animal to contribute to the nativity set.

For the planning process, I would recommend showing some example pegs or using a book like the Encyclopedia of Peg Saints from  Saintly Heart (affiliate link).  With lots of close up pictures, ideas for symbolism, etc., this book would be helpful for kids (and adults) as they are creating a peg doll from scratch.

I knew that the kids would need a little guiding and planning before we started in with the paint, so I created a Peg Doll Plan sheet for the students.

It helped them plan colors and symbols, as well as sketch out the front, back, and side views for the peg doll.  They then used that pattern to draw in pencil on their wooden peg.

We then had small groups working on painting.  I sat at a table with five or so kids.  They would add one layer/color of paint and then set it aside.  The next group would come and do the same, etc. By the time we were back to they first group, that layer of paint was dry and they could add the next color.

Taking turns was a great way to manage the mess of non-washable paint and for me to be available for a little guidance during the painting.

While the kids were painting figures, I painted the box/stable.  I think the the whole set turned out great, and I hope it finds a happy home at the auction!

Here's the outside of the box:

Click here for the printable Saint Peg Doll Planning Sheet:

Here are some of my recommended supplies that could be used to create a Nativity or set of Saints: (affiliate links)
-Wood Doll Bodies Man 3 9/16" (Although I bought in bulk last time to save!)
-Wood Doll Bodies Woman 3 1/2" (Also bought in bulk)
-Wood Knobs 2"
-Wood Blocks 2"
-Wood Blocks 1 1/2"
-Wood Eggs 2 1/2"
-My favorite boxes are from Hobby Lobby.  Unfortunately, I can't link right to the product I used, but I love these boxes.  They are sturdy and you can get them individually in store.

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