Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Fun Find

My mom and I went on an adventure today.

We perused a fine art show. (We enjoyed the historic house it was located in much more than the art.)

We visited a new antique store located in an old bank.  (I found a beautiful nativity picture that got added to my Christmas list.)

We visited a small-town store's Christmas open house. (And I had Déjà vu I think they were selling all of the same stuff as last year.  Same decorations as last year.  Same cookies as last year.)

We then tried to visit a second hand store that I have been wanting to stop at. (Note the word tried.  We missed the 3:00 closing time by about 3 minutes.)

And then, we found the real treasure of the day.  It was especially fun because we didn't even know that we were going to stumble upon it.  It is called Objects, and it is located at 116 S. Main in Eureka, IL.

Loved it.

Love the overall style.
Love the unique handmade items.
Love that the items are made by over 25 local artists.
Love the jewelry, hats, clothing, decor, quilts, and wall art.
Love the layout of the store.
Love the courteous lady working this afternoon.
Love that she offered us hot wassail.
Love that ALL of the owner's profits go to support an orphanage in Peru.

Loved it!

It is exactly the kind of store that I would love to be a part of.  Dreams :)

Here's a photo collage of some of the art that I found on their blog:

Here's the link to their blog.

And here's an article from the Woodford County Journal that tells their story.

You've gotta go visit.

I need to go now- I am feeling kind of crafty :)  I need to go make something beautiful.  And redecorate my apartment.  And make plans to support an orphanage...


  1. Katie! I LOVE that place too!
    I am glad you were able to explore and enjoy!

  2. I thought of you when I was there, Kayla! I hoped that you had a chance to see it :) I loved it!