Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Youth Group this weekend was fun.  The kids had a four day weekend, so they coerced me (and their parents) into staying longer.

We played volleyball. (outside, in the dark, in freezing temperatures, with a deflating beach ball)
We made some fun (and ridiculous) videos of the boys experimenting with food. (and eating it- that's the rule!)
We played Sardines with the lights off in the entire Youth Group Room. (a current favorite game)
We also used my get-to-know you game from this post- which turned out to be kind of fun.  The kids all learned some new things about each other, and got kind of creative, too.

The favorite response:

Ice breaker question: "What do you think Mary's last words were at her Assumption?"
Answer: "Beeee gooood..." (Picture this in an ET-like serious, drawn out tone)

Which led to a new Facebook Profile Pic for the group:

Notice the Mother-like pointing finger.  (I mean you, Thomas.  You too, Sons of Thunder.  St. Peter's in charge...)

These kids are awesome.

Anyways, the lesson was on Heroism- with Esther and St. Bernadette as examples.  Click below for the link.

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