Monday, March 25, 2013

World Mission Rosary

In 1950, Sheen was named the Director for the Society of the Propagation of the Faith (now called the Pontifical Missions Society) and in 1951 he designed and taught about the World Mission Rosary, asking all to pray not only for themselves, but for the World.
Each decade of the Rosary is a different color, reminding us to pray for the needs of people around the world.
  • Green= the grasslands of Africa
  • Blue= the islands of the Pacific
  • White= Europe, the home of the Holy Father
  • Red= the Missionary zeal of those sent to the Americas
  • Yellow= the sunrise over the East

The Archdiocese of Chicago has a nice handout about how to pray the World Mission Rosary.

I made this sheet for the kids to color and put in their Sheen notebooks.  The text is from the Archbishop Sheen Cause website.
 Click on the image below for a printable.

 We first made a large classroom Rosary using paper strips to make a chain.  One group of kids made the "beads" for Africa, another group for Europe, etc.  Then we connected them all together and added the additional beads.  As we put it together, we didn't pray a Rosary this time, but we reviewed what prayers were said on each bead.

Here is the finished Rosary hanging above our Sheen Corner in our classroom.

Info from Pontifical Mission Societies in the US on the World Mission Rosary.
Text on my handout from here.
Info from the Vatican with an interactive missions Rosary.