Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Georgia Peaches

Last month, I was blessed to visit these lovely people (my baby sis and bil):
Who now live in the lovely state of Georgia (ONLY about 15 hours away).

And now we typically only see each other using lovely Google Chat:
But it is so much better to be together!
After my quick and (delayed) but uneventful flight, I was picked up at the airport, hugged a lot, fed lunch, and ushered into their new Army Post home.

I was welcome by this lovely drawing, created by my (no-big-deal) sister, just because:

If you can't read it, the sketch is joined by the Fulton Sheen quote "Mary was not full of grace because she was beautiful; she was beautiful because she was full of grace."
And greeted by my lovely new puppy-niece:

We visited the National Infantry Museum:
...where I learned the basics of many things, including Airborne School...
...and almost got Luke kicked out of the Army.  (but not really):
We also saw this movie:
(Intensity alert: I don't think I have ever nearly jumped out of my seat as much in a movie theater, nor have I gasped as much in 134 minutes. Ho.ly. Cow.)

However, I was much more excited when I saw this preview, for a movie about a book that I love, that is being made into a movie that I didn't know was being made into a movie and I am so excited...take a breath (!)...it looks so good.

We ate some de-li-cious food at this place:
Luke and Emily also thoroughly embarrassed me at this restaurant, but that is a story for another time.
(Forgive all the double pictures...three people...means we were never all in the same picture at the same time.)

I enjoyed so much our spending time together eating and relaxing in their home, which does feel so much like a home.  (Good job housewife Emily!)
More good food:

And then...we left Luke and the puppy behind and flew back to Peoria

Em was so excited to have cool air, less humidity, and trees with changing leaves.

You know how there is always a formal and somewhat stern voice in airports that announces every 8 and a half minutes "Attention travelers!  Airport security requires that all passengers maintain control of their luggage at all times."

Emily was having trouble maintaining control of her luggage...

But it was still good to be back.

Later in the week, our other sister Steph joined us and we did fun things like celebrate our dad's birthday and paint pottery and watch Hallmark movies.  You know, sister stuff. 

I enjoyed my visit to GA so much, and also was glad to have (almost) the whole family back together for a few days.  All the togetherness was wonderful, and we were sad to put our baby sister back on a plane.  However, we took one more picture to document a first... something that we have always joked about doing but never actually done...

The three of us are now a blonde, a brunette, and a red head....feel free to comment with your favorite joke!


  1. No joke, Luke has said a couple times, "Has Katie put up a blog post about her visit yet??" Haha. Yay sister bonding time!! Come back now!! Also, I very much think that you need to expand on the Cannon Brew Pub embarrassment story. Just sayin'.

    1. Tell Luke that if I had known he was waiting for it, it would have happened a lot sooner.
      Tag, you're it. You tell the Cannon Brew Pub story, fellow blogger!