Friday, May 30, 2014

Mixed Media Sacrament Art

Back in this post I shared the ideas for helping kids see God at work in their lives through reflective narrative writing.  My students wrote five narratives this year as part of that project, and also created a corresponding art project to illustrate their writing.  This is one of those five art projects, and it matched with this topic:
o   Seeing God in the Sacraments: Write about receiving a Sacrament or witnessing a Sacrament and how it helped you to see God.

We called this our "Mixed Media" Sacrament art project.  As a teacher, I also could call it the "Clean Out the Craft Closet" art project.  Same difference.

The challenge:  Create art representing the Sacrament highlighted in your essay using at least three different media.

Some materials that could be used:
  • construction paper
  • printed paper (like for scrapbooking)
  • tissue paper
  • foil (this was a hit)
  • markers
  • crayons
  • colored pencil
  • pen
  • paint
  • If you want to allow them to be even more creative, give them 3D objects like beads or pipe cleaners.  We didn't go that route, because this art would eventually be "published" in a student made book, requiring that it be flat.
 Here are a few ideas about how the students represented the Sacrament of the Eucharist:

The sky's the limit!  Lots of opportunity for creativity when you provide the materials, give them a challenge, and step back to watch.

For more info and resources about our Write Your Story on My Heart project, click here:

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