Friday, February 6, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: Days Late and Words Short

So, these Seven Quick Takes have been resting in my draft folder for a while.  When you can't even get Quick Takes written? ... Well, I'm just going to let the pictures do most of the talking about what has been going on around here this week!

We survived celebrated another Catholic Schools Week!  But really, it was great.  And my bulletin board made the Catholic Post!

I received this pretty recipe box from my niece Violet- doesn't she have great taste for a six-week-old?  It looks lovely with my vintage spice jars and avocado Kitchen Aid mixer. 
The company that makes this recipe box only makes it in three styles.  And those styles just happen to correlate very closely to the tastes of my two sisters and I.  Steph first picked out the pale turquoise box and received it as a gift- it seriously matches her whole house.  Emily got the black and gold box from Steven (Steph) for Christmas- she is classy and timeless just like that design.  Then I get the midnight floral box from Violet (ahem, Steph).  It's all perfection.

So the snow?  It happened here, too.  In the area that I drive every week, between church and work and home, snow totals ranged from ten to two inches.  How can there be that much of a discrepancy in a local area?  Regardless, I got a pretty shot of my church when it was still snowing on Sunday.  Oh, and I also have spent a chunk of time recently helping another volunteer get a website set up for our church.  (I know, welcome to the year 2000-we are a bit behind.)

Great news- my sister Emily was accepted into a Creighton Practitioner training program!  I am so proud of her for wanting to pursue this ministry, and grateful to see how she is finding a new way to serve using the gifts God has given her.  However, the other news is that she has quite a chunk of expenses to cover up front for this training.  She has started a website to share her story and help fund raise.  Could you go give it a glance?  And maybe share it with some people you know? And if you are looking for a place to tithe to this month, she sure would appreciate you helping make this dream happen!

I love the work done by Likable Art.  (This video was my introduction to their work, and it is my fave.) Graphic design, logos, videos...I keep stumbling across their work, and think, "Gosh, I love this!" and then I realize that it is Likable Art again.  Check out these graphics of a great St. Francis Quote:
(Click on any of these images to take you to their Facebook page)

My students slightly have Fulton Sheen on the brain.  Proof?  This cookie from a 3rd grader about made their year.  My room is decorated with owls...I thought that was why they were excited.  
No, they said, "If Fulton Sheen were an owl and he was on a cookie, it would look EXACTLY like that!!!"  Ok.

And finally, snowy days have given me some time for crafting.  Valentine's Cards, ready to go.

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  1. Congrats on the new website! Welcome to 2015!
    Love the Valentine, love the cookie, love the boxes. LOVE!