Friday, July 10, 2015

Sacrament Mosaics

Looking for an easy review or intro to the Sacraments for a group of kids?  I have used this Sacrament Mosaic activity to start discussion and create decor for my classroom, and then use as anchors as we continue to develop our understanding of the Sacraments while the school year goes on.

First I prep by cutting one inch squares of varying colors of construction paper:

I don't have a pic, but then I cut fourteen circles about 12" in diameter out of lightweight cardboard.

Then we split the class of students into seven groups and randomly assigned them one of the seven Sacraments.  Their task was to create a symbolic representation, both in image and color, of their assigned Sacrament.  They had to work together to create two matching mosaics using the 1" squares on the circles.

The 1" squares don"t lend themselves to a ton of detail, which forces the kids to focus on a simple symbol.  It also makes this a fairly quick group activity.

We added a label of the Sacrament hanging below the mosaic and hung them all from the ceiling in our classroom, where they stayed for the rest of the school year.  The seven examples the kids created are below:

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