Monday, November 2, 2015

Prayer for the Faithful Departed

Today, All Souls Day, we commemorate those who have died.  The best way to remember our loved ones, and all the faithful departed, is to pray for them.  To help my students do that (and in connection to our litany to the Saints last week) I created these prayer cards with the Eternal Rest prayer on one side and a place to list specific people on the back.

We plan to use this prayer card for the rest of the month as November is dedicated to praying for all souls in purgatory.  It would also be a great resource any time of the year to teach about the Spiritual Works of Mercy, or for kids who are experiencing a death and working through grief.  (You may be interested in my post on Helping Kids Grieve.)

Both the images of the Paschal Lamb and the Paschal Candle draw our minds to heaven, to the mercy of the Lamb of God, and to the hope of eternity with Him.

Click on the image below to print your own prayer cards.  It is a two sided printable with four cards per page.

How are you praying with your kids this All Souls Day?

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