Thursday, January 26, 2017

Woodburned Peg Doll Noah's Ark

Peg doll sets have become my go-to gift for the kiddos in my life, so after making my niece a peg doll nativity, I needed to come up with a different set to create for her little brother. My sister suggested that they needed more animals to go with a barn they already had, so Noah's Ark seemed a perfect choice.

I decided to make this a natural set instead of painted after loving (so much!) how my other nephew's woodburned nativity turned out.  In this post, I'll share some pictures of the dolls, animals, and ark that you could use for ideas/patterns if you would like to try making a set of your own.

All of the steps, including set up, woodburning, staining, and sealing can be found in great detail in my original Woodburned Peg Doll Nativity post.  I thought I would save a little time and send you there instead of recreating everything.  The rest of this post will just include pictures of this project.

Here are my supply recommendations based on what I used: (affiliate links)
-Wood Doll Bodies Man 3 9/16" (Although I bought in bulk last time to save!)
-Wood Doll Bodies Woman 3 1/2" (Also bought in bulk)
-Wood Knobs 2"
-Wood Blocks 2"
-Wood Blocks 1 1/2"
-Wood Eggs 2 1/2"
-Larger Blocks (similar)
-Woodburning Kit
-Mineral Oil
-The box I used is from Hobby Lobby.  Unfortunately, I can't link right to the product I used, but I love these boxes.  They are sturdy and you can get them individually in store.  The medium one listed at that link is the one featured in this post.

Ok, first up, the storage box gets turned into an ark!


And inside:

Here it is filled with all the animals, Noah, and Mrs. Noah:

The birds, cats, and dogs (two by two, of course) were made from 2" wood knobs, so they are flat on the bottom and will stand up.  Here is the front and side view:

And the front & back view:

Sheep, cows, and pigs were made with 1 1/2' and 2" blocks.  Here is the front and back view:

There were also camels made with 2 1/2" eggs... but I didn't get a picture of them apparently.  You can check out the nativity post to see the Wise Men's camels if you'd like to add them to your ark.

The giraffes and zebras were made from 2"x 2" x4" blocks:

Because the original idea started with their empty barn, I also made a Farmer and Mrs. Farmer that could be played with all the farm animals:

I think it turned out pretty cute!  Remember, if you are interested in more step-by-step details, check out the nativity post linked just below.

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