Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sweeter Than Honey Decoration Ideas

It's not every teachers' favorite part of back-to-school, but I really do love decorating my classroom and hallways to make them a welcoming and fun place to learn.  I finished up my decorations for the CCD hallway at church yesterday, and since so many of you have emailed me about using the Sweeter than Honey theme, I thought I'd share a few ideas with you!
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The bulletin board above is the main focal point of our CCD hallway.  The shelf below will feature stories from different children's Bibles, and books and coloring pages will also be available on the shelves for kids to take. The "Sweeter than Honey" letters are available for you to print at the bottom of the post.  I printed them on yellow and cut out loosely around the letters.  The St. Abigail and St. Ambrose patron Saint info pages can be found here and the cuuuuuute bee cut outs were an easy addition.  I used yellow paper lanterns in different sizes to mimic hives, and I think they are my favorite part of the display!  The honeycomb border is from Dollar Tree, and I can't find it on their site to link for you, but this one is cute too!  You also could print and cut my honeycomb printables and use them as a free border!

I've found a system that works well for our door signs: a 12x18" piece of construction paper, a grade level sign (you can print these here), border on the top and bottom (from Dollar Tree), and kids' names on cut outs like these. Bigger classes have more names stuck on the rest of the door.  Fast, easy, and cute!

Here's the bulletin board at the top of the stairs that will be used to display work as the year starts.  It has the same border and bee cut out.  Did I mention that I cover bulletin boards with plastic table cloths? Buying the big rolls of bulletin board paper is not in our CCD budget, so this is an economical way to keep the bulletin boards looking fresh.  I do tend to spring for the heavier weight table cloths- the dollar store version are more transparent and rip easily.  I've used plastic table cloths to make fabric-like buntings for a fraction of the cost, and even a display mimicking Mary's veil.  The possibilities are endless for only a few dollars!

A double wide staircase leads to our CCD classrooms, so I always try to decorate it to both tie in the theme and to make it welcoming.  This year I printed the Psalm coloring pages we will be using each week to memorize God's sweet Word (you can print August's verses here) and with extra bees from the classroom doors.

I also added a banner with the theme verse across the top of the doorway, which you can see in the picture below.  Now that the decorating is done, I need to wrap up all the registration paperwork and scheduling, and we'll be ready for kids in a few weeks!

Click here to print the Sweeter than Honey bulletin board letters:

Click here for printables like room signs, folder covers, and Sweeter than Honey verse coloring pages:

Click here for printable coloring pages about our patron Saints St. Abigail and St. Ambrose:

Click here to print August's Sweeter than Honey Psalm coloring pages:


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