Monday, June 25, 2018

Listen to the Creator Spirit {Guest Post}

In a world that craves the true, the good, and the beautiful, is a joy to host the third Why Make Beautiful Things series here at Look to Him and Be Radiant. You can read the original post with my thoughts on beauty here and read all the guest posts in the previous series here. Today I have the honor of sharing the work and reflections of Kortnee Senn from Studio Senn. We'll be featuring guest posts all week, and a huge giveaway of beautiful things on Friday, so make sure you check back!

When I started my small business it was supposed to be an outlet for me, something to throw myself into while I learned to transition to being a stay-at-home-mom. I created custom watercolor wedding invitations and maps. This sounds fun enough but I ended up creating art I wasn’t in love with because of edits made by the couple throughout the process. The final product was barely a representation of me and there was a lot of behind the scenes work that left me feeling drained and less than inspired.

After having my second son I realized that creating art that didn’t fuel my soul wasn’t cutting it anymore. I wanted this “outlet” to be exactly that, something that allowed me to express myself and my passions. So I chose the one thing that meant the most to me; I decided I wanted to create art that could be used to hand down the Faith. The Church held so much inspiration, depth and importance. This inspiration kept me up at night wanting to put brush to paper and test out new ideas. I loved that my thoughts were consumed with how to show others the beauty that awaited them in the Catholic Church.

Lately I have been feeling another call, a call to push myself creatively and explore styles that are fairly new to me but feel like home. I firmly believe this is the Creator Spirit that I so often hear other Catholic artists talk about. Having images of the Sacred Heart that I couldn’t get out of my head I decided I finally needed to challenge myself. That’s how this year’s Lenten Sacred Heart Series was born. Creating one Heart everyday while using that time for reflection helped turn the process into a prayer. It was hard to stop myself from caring about whether or not it would sell and just create for the joy of the process. Once I was able to do that (although it is something I have to do each time I start a piece), I was amazed by the response I was getting from people. These images I had in my head for so long were touching people. Definitely the Creator Spirit.

Sacred Heart from the #SacredHeartSeries

Immaculate Heart from the #SacredHeartSeries

To me, that is one of the beautiful things about art; everyone is allowed their own reaction to a piece. It is humbling to think that someone might be drawn closer to Christ by viewing what I had fun making. I know that Blessed Is She writer, Megan Hjelmstad, has mentioned it a few times and it has really resonated with me, the idea “if only for the one”. If I can stop thinking about the sale long enough to paint something that fuels my prayer and maybe, just maybe inspires one person then this outlet is worth all of the time and effort.

Folk Art Paper cuts from an upcoming collection launching this summer

It brings me so much joy that this once stressful hobby has turned into a means for both handing down the faith and letting the Creator Spirit work through my creative process. Thank you for making both possible.

I am a Navy wife and mother of two little boys and a three legged dog. I love to travel, be outside and eat carbs. If I am not chasing my toddler or painting, you can find me with a glass of milk watching the latest crime show on Netflix.

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P.S. Make sure you check back on Friday for the Beautiful Things Giveaway- Kortnee is donating this gorgeous Sacred Heart print.  Come back and enter for a chance to make it yours!


  1. thank you for the inspirational way you share your talents

  2. Thank you for sharing. You have a beautiful gift of art. May the Holy Spirit inspire you to draw more for His glory. May God bless you.