Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mirroring the Creator- Tricia from Providential Co. {Guest Post}

In a world that craves the true, the good, and the beautiful, is a joy to host the fourth Why Make Beautiful Things series here at Look to Him and Be Radiant. You can read the original post with my thoughts on beauty here and read all the guest posts in the previous series here. Today I have the honor of sharing the work and reflections of Tricia from Providential Co. maker of candles and prints featuring Saints and quotes in an iconic style that is both modern and traditional. I think you'll enjoy reading her wisdom about the WHY behind her creativity. We'll be featuring guest posts all week, and a huge giveaway of beautiful things on Friday, the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart. We'd love to hear from you here or on Instagram why YOU make beautiful things- Chime in on today's post!!

I’ve always loved being creative. From my youngest memories I was making things, pretending to have my own businesses, and finding great joy in serving others with what I was making. In particular, I remember making a really crazy card for my mom with loads of peach-colored Kleenex. Weird media, but I was so thrilled putting together little flowers and twisty vines and gluing them down on this piece of cardboard on which I had lettered her name and a ridiculous amount of kissy lips. My business savvy was there too when I monetized my bubble lettering “business” in middle school – offering glitter add-ons for 25 cents.

When high school came around, I felt it necessary to hide my love of drawing. I was in the “cool” group and a cheerleading captain, caught up in all kinds of nonsense. Upon graduating, however, I re-embraced my love of art and enrolled as a fine arts major in college. This decision evolved further after I moved to Houston and decided to go to art school. My counselor there encouraged me to pursue graphic design, and I realized I could make an actual career out of all those days of crafting, making comics and zines, and drawing countless portraits of imaginary people.

It was a few years after art school that I realized God had been pursuing me as well all along. Did I make the connection between Him and my love of art at that time? No. That part took a lot longer, but I fell deeply for Jesus and I was baptized as a 22-year-old. Sadly, I came to the wrong conclusion that I needed to give up being a designer to “really” serve God and had a brief stint as a teacher. I loved my students, but it was like a critical part of me was shut off. I missed being a full-time designer more than I ever expected.

It dawned on me that God made me to be a creative. It was there from the beginning, being nourished by my loved ones, and as a place of solace when times were tough. It was deep down part of my identity, because it was ultimately God behind it all. He is the source and this is one place where I meet Him. He is the reason for all of the excitement when I’m inspired, and the feeling of accomplishment seeing a creative process through. I mirror my Creator when I create – how insanely cool is that?!


There are some pieces that I’ve made that come to be without my often-over involved-mind getting in the way at all, and there are some that have felt like a mini labor/giving birth, at least mentally. All in all, I’m doing what I believe God wants me to do, with the skills I’ve built over my lifetime. This is not just for me, no. This is a channel through which I can get to know Him better, and a way for others to (hopefully) be attracted to Him who is the source of all beauty and all goodness.

I'm honored to get to share Tricia's words of wisdom with you.  Please go visit Tricia's shop and social media, and join the conversation here in the comments or on today's Instagram post. And don't forget to come back every day this week for more creative wisdom from a set of beautiful women makers!
Find Tricia:
Instagram- @providential_co
Facebook- Providential Co.

And on Friday I'll be hosting the Beautiful Things Giveaway, an amazing collection of lovely items to bring the beauty of the Creator into your daily life.  Tricia is generously contributing an 8x10 print of her stunning Sacred Heart image. You'll be able to enter to win here on the blog and on Instagram, so check back Friday, 6/28/2019, the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to all this 'hidden' sacred talent. It is difficult to purchase from Canada, the exchange rate, shipping, but I love to see that the work exists.

    1. So happy to share! And I know, International shipping is a beast! Some of the shops I'm sharing this week offer digital downloads, which is a good way to get around some of that!