Tuesday, November 10, 2020

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Activity Books


Did you know that even though she crossed the ocean 23 times as part of her missionary travels, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini had an extreme fear of water due to nearly drowning as a child? She also was scheduled to travel on the Titanic, but ended up changing her plans and missed the fateful voyage!

How about the fact that although she is the first canonized American citizen, she had originally desired to travel to China as a missionary?

And did you know that in her short 67 years of life, she founded and oversaw 67 schools, orphanages, and hospitals?

Mother Cabrini is a dynamic, talented, inspiring woman, especially for American Catholics. For her upcoming feast day (this Friday, November 13th), I'm excited to share with you a special project for your kids and students all about her!

I had the honor of working with the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Shrine in New York City to create these activity books to help kids learn about this amazing Saint. Visit the Shrine website here to download the free books and print out a few activities to celebrate this week!

There are two books available, one aimed at lower elementary and one more for middle schoolers. The books have "mirrored" pages with similar activities, so there are perfect to use with siblings or multi age groups. The books both almost 20 pages and contain biographical info, activity pages, coloring page, inspiring quotes, and more. I love how they turned out and hope they are a blessing to families and classrooms across the nation. The books are only available through the shrine, but they are totally free!

The shrine website has many other resources, as well as more info on how they are celebrating Mother Cabrini this week! I hope to be able to visit and pray there someday, but in the meantime, I'm excited to get to share more about her life with my students. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, pray for us!Shrine website here


  1. This is beautiful!
    I did click on the picture, and I went to the website, but I can't figure out how to download and print. I didn't see an option to download, just to "view full screen"
    Any suggestions?? thanks!

  2. nevermind! I just the download button. It was very tiny.

  3. Thank you so very much - You are so very talented - thank you for sharing your talents with me and my family.

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  7. Thank you! I'm teaching about her to my Lives of the Saints class and this is a wonderful resource. You saved me a lot of work!