Sunday, August 27, 2023

Our Lady of Sorrows Block Print- Feast Day 9/15

The Church dedicates the month of September to the Seven Sorrows of Mary. Through this devotion, we remember that even though Mary was without sin, she still experienced suffering and hardship.

At the Presentation in the Temple when Jesus was just a baby, Simeon prophesied that Mary’s own soul would be pierced by a sword. The Seven Sorrows of Mary are stories from the Bible where the Blessed Mother experienced pain and sadness. From losing Jesus in Jerusalem to witnessing His death on the Cross, Mary’s heart understood grief and suffering, but she never lost her faith and trust in God. These moments show us how the Blessed Mother loved Christ and turned to Him when life was hard.

When I was working on my Names of Mary block carving collection a few years ago, I created an image of Our Lady of Sorrows. I'd like to share a 5x7 printable from that project with you! This image was originally hand drawn by me, transferred to a rubber block, carved out, and then printed like a stamp. This is a true scan of that print that you are welcome to hang as art in your home or classroom or use as a feast day decoration!

Click here for the print:

And you can also find it included on these Names of Mary Bookmarks:

And if you are interested in more info on our Lady of Sorrows, the devotion has a whole chapter in my book Through the Year with Mary! Complete with a kid friendly explanation, full color artwork with discussion prompts, reflection questions, a prayer, and a connection to Jesus, the goal of the book is to help you have good conversations with your kids!

Click here to find in from my publisher the St. Paul Center or here to find it on Amazon!

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