Monday, June 4, 2012

And Baby Got a Ring

A couple of weeks ago, I started receiving emails full of military lingo with a subject line of "Operation Green Grass."

You might think that these emails were sent to me by mistake, but you would be wrong.

They were the secret communications between my baby sister's (then) boyfriend letting me know the part I needed to play... in his proposal to her. 

He did a great job surprising her, being romantic, and including the things that she loves, like her home and her family.

While he went about distracting her with a photo scavenger hunt, we all hid inside snapping pictures, until this happened:

She has several hundred pictures chronicling the story, but at this point she was saying something like, "Are you serious!?!  Is this happening?... Did you ask my dad?"

It was really cute, and we got it all on film.

So now we are planning two weddings between sisters in less than a year.  I think we should make a movie about it.  I would call it Violinist on a Barntop

Nah, sounds too familiar.


  1. I have meant to ask you, how many times has there been the suggestion or consideration of a double wedding? Wouldn't that be nice??!

  2. haha- It would be quite the clash of decor and colors, because they are going for very opposite looks. Blue-Green-Vintage-Country vs. Classy-Black-White-Formal. But, if it worked for Jane Bingley and Lizzie Darcy, it should be good enough for Em & Steph, right? :)

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