Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home Sweet Classroom- Part One

If you missed my big St. Joseph announcement, you should know that I am currently trying to set up a brand new classroom for a set of 30 Fifth graders.

Preparing a classroom to be a creative, inspiring, organized, and functional space for that many people for eight hours a day can be a daunting task, so I thought I'd share some of the adventures that I have along the way.

Home Sweet Classroom- Part One- No classroom is a blank slate.  It comes with its own treasures.  There are pros and cons to inheriting a new classroom.

Pro- I have an entire wall of windows.  Natural light + fresh breezes = lovely.

Con- The windows must have curtains.  These are the curtains I inherited.

 Con, part 2- There are twelve panels of curtains that look just like that one.
Pro- I know how to sew (thanks, Mom!) and can make new & beautiful curtains.

Pro- The former fifth grade teacher told me that she cleaned out a lot of stuff before switching rooms.  I'm sure she was right, because there was not a lot of extra junk that I had to sort through.

Con- She elected to leave behind this buffalo nickel.  Hanging above my classroom door.  It has to go...but I am afraid that there is some significance/connection/importance...I need to talk to her. And then remove it from my sight.

Pro- I have lots of available technology in my room.

No, I am not talking about this portable record player.
 I mean my bank of new computers.

And my SMART Board.  Would it be bad to admit that this school stayed as my top pick once I found out my potential classroom had one?

Pro- Someone left behind lots of fifth grade level novels.  Literature is my favorite subject to teach, so more resources are always welcome.  However, this book would not make my lesson plan list.  The Incredible Journey?  Inspiration for the movie Homeward Bound?  Do you remember my hatred of talking animals?  Not going to happen.
Con- It happens to be one of the literature sets that I can use.  Ugh. Oh, there are only 25 copies.  (Snap) Too bad.
More adventures to come!


  1. I am sorry to say that I remember when my 7th grade teacher got that nickel!


    1. CHARLIE! You have to tell me the story about this nickel! Am I going to have to leave it up over my door staring at me with its beady buffalo eyes?

  2. That is so crazy! What a seemingly very random thing to have as a classroom decoration! I am quite jealous of that bank of new computers, though. That will be awesome!

    1. I know, I can't wait to hear the story of this nickel, and I am very excited about the computers!

  3. Nathan and I just had a good laugh at your post. Oh the joys of new classrooms. I know you will whip it into shape in no time!

    1. I am excited to finally get to show the "after" pictures, RyAnne! But, it is definitely going to be August before that happens!