Saturday, March 14, 2020

Ideas for Learning and Praying at Home

What a crazy 48 hours we've had. With sweeping cancellations, including my school until at least April and public Mass and all church programs until further notice, I know I'm not the only one praying and trying to wrap my head around what the next few weeks will look like.

Yesterday during my last classes with my students, we talked over and over about our Christian call to mercy- but how it has to look different right now. To help, we usually want to visit the elderly to keep them company, sit with and comfort the sick in the hospital, cook meals for those in need, and gather together for prayer- but none of those things are possible in the present moment. Instead, we pray "together" from our own homes, and we inconvenience ourselves and make sacrifices to keep others safe.

Something else we can do is use the power of social media for something good. Instead of spreading fear and hysteria, so many are using it as a tool to connect and support.

Because of all the school and church program closings, I've been getting emails and messages about permission to print large quantities or email resources from my blog. And the answer is a resounding yes! These things are always free and here for you to use and share. I do appreciate people being conscientious, and when possible you are welcome to credit back or link to me (mostly so those that want can find more resources!) But please share as you need to during this time.

I pray daily not only for my own students and their families, but also for all of you, your kids and students, and their families. What I want to offer here is a lot more than a bunch of pdfs. We are united as part of the Body of Christ and all one family in the Church.

With that, I thought I'd round up a few resources that are easy to share or simple to complete at home. All of these are free, with the exception of the books- I can't be responsible for the books you buy while quarantined ;). You are also welcome to scour the tabs above, but here are some favorites!

Resources for those without access to Mass and the Sacraments:
Live stream/video of Mass here and here
Live stream Adoration here
Act of Spiritual Communion prayers here and here
Catholic Icing resources for Mass (an awesome list of resources for kids when you can't attend Mass)

Resources for prayer in general:
Printable Prayer Cards
Lectio Divina Prayer Prompts- Can use with any part of the Bible
Videos of prayers and prayers to song
Free Saint coloring pages from Society of Saints
Faith Over Fear coloring pages from Just Love Prints
Catholic Saint Coloring Pages from Catholic Paper Goods
Psalm coloring pages (there are ten months worth in the archives)
ACTS Prayer and Adoration resources (use with livestream above)

Books lists: (If you can still check out from the Library, borrow/buy ebooks, or order a few new books online)
Favorite Books for Catholic Kids
Other Katie Reads Book Reviews

Video playlists on YouTube:
Lent and Easter Videos
Music for Lent
Christ the King Music Playlist (strong themes of triumph and God's strength)
Videos on the Saints
Fr. Mike Schmitz Videos (great for junior high & high schoolers)
Chosen Sessions from Ascension Press (great for those preparing for Confirmation)
Fulton Sheen Videos
Sacrament Videos (lots that would be good in here for kids preparing for Reconciliation, First Communion, or Confirmation)

Celebrate St. Patrick and St. Joseph's Feast Days
St. Patrick Prayer Card
St. Joseph Memorare Prayer Card
St. Joseph Novena Coloring Page
Celebrating St. Joseph Day
Easy St. Joseph Shrine
Sleeping St. Joseph Activities

Ideas for Pre-K/Kindergarten/1st Graders:
Creation Numbers Coloring Book
Stories and Scripture- ideas for connecting faith to picture books you already have
Sacrament Mosaics
Holy Family Coloring Page
St. Francis Coloring Page
St. Peter and St. Paul Coloring Pages
St. Abigail and St. Ambrose Coloring Pages
Tiny Saints Coloring Pages

Ideas for 2nd Graders:
Divine Mercy Watercolor Art
Sacred Heart of Jesus Coloring Pages
Monstrance Art Project
Mass Activity Sheets

Ideas for 3rd-5th Graders:
Teaching Tools for the Ten Commandments
Teaching about the Parables
Miracles of Jesus Bible Study
Healing Ministry of Jesus Bible Study
Draw Your Sword Scripture Game
Divine Mercy Melty Bead Craft
Creed Tetris Puzzle
Paschal Candle Craft
Station of the Cross Art Project

Ideas for Junior High/High School:
Home Learning Day Choice Board This is one of the things I sent home with my students (nine options- available for you to edit)
Lectio Divina Journal Starters
Lent Visio Divina Gallery Walk
Beatitudes and Modern Saints Game
Confirmation Saint Graphic Organizers
Bible Story Flip Books
Smash Prayer Journals
Structure of the Bible
Virtues and Saints Bible Study Part 1 and 2
Connecting the Passover and the Passion Bible Study

Let us all pray, through the mercy of God, that these restrictions pass quickly and safely and leave us with a world that is stronger, kinder, and called back to Christ. I posted this reflection on the Sorrowful Mysteries yesterday on Instagram, which is how I will be praying for the duration.


  1. Thank you, Katie, for the wonderful resources to use while the children are at home. My kids will be home for three weeks, so you have provided so many activities to engage them. God bless and stay healthy during this time. - Laura G.

  2. Thank you Katie for consolidating these resources they will form the backdrop for some of our lessons during this period of being at home. God Bless you xx

  3. LOVE the decade intentions --prayed them last night! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us!

  4. You Tube videos and practical resources for prayer would be where I would start. Maybe also a few suggestions of books to read? Or a Bible/CCC reading plan?