Saturday, January 16, 2021

Resources for the Year of St. Joseph

Happy Year of St. Joseph! St. Joseph has long been a favorite of mine (how can he not be?), and I was so excited to hear about the Year of St. Joseph which is being celebrated from Dec. 8, 2020-December 8, 2021. You can read Pope Francis' Apostolic Letter here and more details from the Vatican here.

I'm sure that March will be filled with focus on St. Joseph especially with his feast day on March 19th, but I've been thinking that filling these quieter days of Ordinary Time with St. Joseph might not be a bad idea. Following the lead of St. Joseph, we can ask him to teach us how to follow Jesus with abandon, giving Him all that we are. St. Joseph, whose heart was united with the hearts of Jesus and Mary, can guide us in growing in holiness personally, as a family, as a nation, and as a Church. I hope to create more new resources to help learn and pray with and celebrate Joseph this year, but I also have quite a bit in the archives I thought I'd share with you now. Scroll through for a couple of new resources and links to some of my old favorites. St. Joseph, pray for us!

You know block carving is my new favorite hobby, and I've been making some new prints in honor of the Year of St. Joseph. Click here for a 5x7" print of these St. Joseph symbols:

I've got a few more ideas for the Litany of St. Joseph in the works, but for now, here's a printable of the Litany to hang on your fridge or add to a journal. These titles of St. Joseph are so powerful and praying with them has helped me understand not only St. Joseph, but also his role in the Holy Family and for the whole Church.

Here's a activity guide for learning about St. Joseph, perfect to send home to the families at your parish or school. It features four weeks of recommended prayers, a Bible story about St. Joseph with reflection questions, printable activities, and extra projects and ideas for parents- all in clickable links to free resources.

 Click here for a printable card with the Pure Heart of St. Joseph and the Memorare to St. Joseph, as well as an explanation of the symbols on the Pure Heart of St. Joseph.

St. John the XXIII wrote this beautiful prayer for fathers, and you can use it with these prayer cards:

Click here for a digital version of the Litany of St. Joseph that is easy to pray in a group- set it to full screen either on your computer, TV, or smartboard:

Click here for a fun five question scavenger hunt in Google forms. It will make a copy for you, so you can edit it to fit the needs of your kids/students.

Easy St. Joseph Shrines You could make these shrines as simply or as detailed as you like using a favorite coloring page or St. Joseph or have your kids draw their own!

Holy Family Coloring Page

A few years ago while visiting the Philippines, Pope Francis wove his love for St. Joseph into an address on prayer and family.  Specifically, he spoke about a statue he has on his desk of the Sleeping St. Joseph.  From the Gospels, we know that St. Joseph listened to God in his dreams and then rose to act on His will.  Pope Francis shared with his audience that he asks St. Joseph to pray for his intentions by writing them down and slipping the paper under the statue of St. Joseph.

This sweet devotion has been spreading slowly across the world.  A dear friend was the first to introduce it to me, and I just love this new connection with one of my very favorite Saints.  How comforting to think of St. Joseph caring for the Church, for us and our concerns, while resting in God.  Go check out this post for all kinds of ideas and activities about the devotion to the Sleeping St. Joseph.

Perfect for the month of the Holy Family (February) or to use for Valentine Cards!
If you  would like to pray the St. Joseph novena you could use this color-a-novena printable.  There's one lily to color in for each day you pray.  You can begin this novena any time (or leading up the feasts on March 19th and May 1st) and for any length to increase your devotion to St. Joseph and ask his powerful intercession.

This quote from St. John Paul II has long been one of my favorites, and I lettered it as a reminder to pray for the work of the leaders in our lives and homes.
"St. Joseph was a just man, a tireless worker, the upright guardian of those entrusted to his care.  May he always guard, protect, and enlighten families." ~St. John Paul II

St. Joseph Holy Saturday Coloring Page
Click here for some resources for Holy Saturday and a couple of printables with a line about St. Joseph from a favorite poem:

St. Joseph Memorare Prayer Cards
Similar in wording to the original Memorare, this one asks for the intercession of St. Joseph.

Good St. Joseph, Pray for Us!


  1. Thank you Katie,
    I love your ideas!!!
    Wanting to spruce up this with St. Joseph, I’m grateful to you as we are having a hard time.... St Joseph has always been our consolation. Haven’t been able to get myself around doing this. Thank you for your wonderful site!
    God bless you

  2. What a wonderful gathering of resources you have provided here. You are so generous with all the multitude of things you provide to us freely year after year. As a catechist, I'm so thankful for all you share with us. Also I was so grateful that Atlanta opened up their virtual catechist conference this summer--I benefited from many excellent presentations, and was happy to get to see you 'in action'.