Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Teaching with Fulton Sheen Curriculum- Over 200 Pages of content, all free!

If you've been around my blog for long, you know that Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and I are old friends. He and I grew up in the same Diocese and he's now entombed in the Cathedral just across town from my school. When I was in college, reading one of Sheen's books was the reason I finally began to understand and believe Mary's role in the Church- and then started to get to know him as a "local" celebrity. When my dear friends' son was miraculously healed (Vatican approved miracle!) through Fulton Sheen's intercession, I knew that I needed to share his life with my students in the classroom. 

That was almost ten years ago, and I can now credit Fulton Sheen as being one of the greatest influences on my work as a teacher and catechist. His deep prayer, his warm humor, his evangelical use of technology, and the way he could connect the seemingly everyday with the loftiness of Heaven- these all inspire me to be a better teacher and a better follower of Christ. The first year I taught about him in my classroom (and with him) was a powerful and memorable experience. At the end of the school year, I collected the resources I had created and shared them here and within my diocese. Since then, much more has been added to the collection, being used with different grade levels of kids, in CCD classes, youth groups, whole family activity days, and more.

While I have created many more resources about Fulton Sheen and the things that he taught... I haven't been as great about sharing and keeping them organized here on the blog. So without further ado, I'm happy to present the 3rd Edition of Teaching with Fulton Sheen!

With over 200 pages of resources, printables, and ideas, this collection has applications in homes and classrooms with kids of all ages. It's not just for those who want to dive into a study of Fulton Sheen- it's more about using his wisdom and words to present the truths of our faith. These tools are things that can reinforce the content that you already plan to cover, or could be pulled from for a fun mini unit or project.

Some major topics covered:
-Biographical info about Sheen
-Resources for teaching about the Canonization Process, heroic virtues, etc. as well as non fiction sources on Sheen's Cause for Canonization
-Topics that were especially important to Sheen- devotion to Mary, commitment to Adoration, the World Mission Rosary, Spiritual Adoption, etc.
-Tools to help with using outside resources in the classroom, like newspaper articles, 61 Minutes to Miracle, Word on Fire's Pivotal Players Documentary, and the Servant of All Documentary
-Projects for universal Catholic topics, including all seven Sacraments, prayer, Mary, the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, virtue, and more
-The resources cover a variety of skills and ability levels, from simple things like coloring pages to more complex writing prompts to non fiction research, making it useable across grade levels
-And much more!

This curriculum is NOT intended to be taught cover to cover- even I only use pieces of it in my classroom each year. It's more a collection of resources that can be pulled from to support a wide array of Catholic topics while also inspiring students with the life of Fulton Sheen and the message that they are also called to be SAINTS!

Someday soon hopefully I'll get the individual activities posted and my Fulton Sheen tab updated, but until then, I hope you download, use, and share this resource.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, pray for us!


  1. Hi Katie! Thank you SOO much for gathering, creating, and sharing all this wonderful material with us. You are a blessing. Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen is very happy!

  2. Hi Katie! Thank you so very much for sharing all your creativity and resources! I am curious if you don't mind a question. What do you mean by 3rd Edition of Teaching with Fulton Sheen? Is there an 1st and 2nd Edition separately, or is the 3rd Edition the first and second revised? Thanks again! I really appreciate all the amazing resources that you share!

    1. Oh, that's a great question! This 3rd edition is the revised version of the first- with lots of edits and additions. So you get everything I have in this one new pdf. Sorry that wasn't clear!