Teaching with Fulton Sheen

I've been teaching alongside Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen in my classroom for almost a decade. Along with sharing biographical info about him with my students, I also have taught my religion curriculum through the lens of his life, using his quotes, videos, books, and ideas to teach topics like Eucharistic Adoration, Marian devotion, and the Sacraments.

There is a wealth of information out there about Sheen, but not necessarily much written/created to the level of kids, so I have been working from scratch in a lot of ways.  Because I believe teaching is never about reinventing the wheel, I'd like to share my resources here.  Even if you are not planning on teaching a multi-week unit on Sheen, you might be inspired to study another saint in depth, or use an activity on Mary or the Sacraments or Canonization.  Hopefully you find something good. If you have a question or desire further info, please contact me in the comment box below.

Anything that has an asterisk next to it (*) means that the post contains free printables.  Enjoy!

Teaching with Fulton Sheen Curriculum

Click below for the third edition of the free 200 page Fulton Sheen Curriculum. Individual activities are listed in categories on the rest of the page!
Fulton Sheen Curriculum*

And for younger kids (K-4th):
Fulton Sheen and the Very Bad Week Children's Book and Free Activity Book*

On the Life of Sheen:
My Friend Fulton (Why I was inspired to start this project)
Introductions* (Teaching using the movie Servant of All)
Fulton Sheen Notebook* (How we recorded our journey)
Fulton Sheen Lapbook* (a more condensed version of the notebook)
Fulton Sheen Timeline* (Fold out 16 part timeline of FJS's life)
Fulton Facts*
Fulton Sheen Jeopardy Trivia Game
Journal Writing about Sheen*
More Ideas for Journal Writing About Sheen
Fulton Sheen Graphic Novel 
Footsteps of Fulton Sheen Fieldtrip* (Locations in the Diocese of Peoria)
Footsteps of Fulton Sheen Fieldtrip* (Scavenger Hunt Clues and Bus Challenge Games)
Celebrating Sheen's Feast Day 
Fulton Sheen's Coat of Arms*

On the things Sheen taught:
JMJ Printables'World Mission Rosary*
Spiritual Adoption Prayer*
More on Spiritual Adoption*
Praying a Holy Hour*
Adoration Book and Resources for Kids*
ACTS Prayer Lapbook*
For other prayer activities that I have posts about, go here.
You Are A Treasure in Clay* Student encouragement activity
Love People, Use Things Technology Challenge* List and Prayer Card
The Quotable Sheen- Coloring Pages and Quote Cards*
Sheen Quote Coloring Page- Good and Evil*
Sheen Quote Coloring Page- Books*
Sheen Quote Coloring Page- Humility*
Sheen Quote Coloring Page- Charity*
Sheen Quote Coloring Page- Happiness*
Sheen Quote Coloring Page- Mary as the Moon*
Sheen Quote Coloring Page- My Life*

On Mary, the Woman Sheen loved:
Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue*
Mary Flip Books*
Notebook Pop Up Marian Shrine*
Marian Shrine in a Lapbook*
Children's Book Jesus, Son of Mary- written by Sheen
Mary as the Moon* coloring page/journal starter
For other Mary activities that I have posts about, go here.

On the Sacraments:
Sheen as a Minister of the Sacraments* (Mini Book with photos and quotes)
Reviewing Baptism* (Baptismal Certificate, Renewal of Baptismal Promises, OT stained glass art...) 
Reviewing the Eucharist, part one (making beautiful Monstrances)
Reviewing Confirmation* (with a tie into Pentecost)
Pop Out Divine Mercy Chaplet* (Connection to Reconciliation)
Reviewing Reconciliation* (With Connection to Divine Mercy)
Reviewing Anointing of the Sick* (Notebooking Activity) 
Vocations, Part One (What is a Vocation?)
Vocations, Part Two (Favorite Resources for teaching about Vocations)
Vocations, Part Three*  (My Hands Can Serve Notebooking Activity)
Vocations, Part Four* (Holy Orders Printables and Origami Miter) 
For more Sacrament Activities I have posts about, go here.

On the Canonization Process:
Fulton Sheen Beatification Coloring Pages
Celebrating Sheen- Guide of Awesome Fulton Sheen Gifts
The Making of a Saint (Post-it note activity on the steps of Canonization)
Canonization Video
Color-a-Novena with Canonization Prayer*
Alleged Miracle of James Fulton* (Video of Guest Speaker Bonnie Engstrom and flip notes)
*For more info about James Fulton, visit Bonnie's blog here.
Reading Newspaper Articles about the Tribunal* (non fiction notetaking printables)
Newspaper Article about Vatican Medical Experts approving alleged miracle* (non fiction notetaking printable)
Virtue graphic organizer*

Fulton Sheen Curriculum* (200 page document containing many of the printables along with brief instructions/ideas and photos)
Fulton Sheen and the Very Bad Week Children's Book and Free Activity Book*
The Sheen Corner (July 2019 update)
The Sheen Corner Archive for the Catholic Post
Fulton Sheen Family Day Event 
Fulton Sheen Family Day (2nd Annual)
Curriculum on the Winds of Change Radio Show
Following in the Footsteps of Fulton Sheen Prezi (from CDoP Catechetical Leadership Conference)
Catholic Post Article about the Curriculum
Catholic Post Article about Curriculum at Catechetical Leadership Conference
Guest at A Knotted Life for Sheen's Feast Day

Favorite YouTube Videos:
Fulton Sheen Favorites YouTube Playlist
Fulton Sheen on Game Show "What's My Line"
Israelites and Egyptians Joke
Fulton Sheen on the Meaning of the Mass
Fulton Sheen on Mary
Fulton Sheen on Prayer
Fulton Sheen on Angels
Trailer for Servant of All Movie

Other Fulton Sheen Links:
My Fulton Sheen Board on Pinterest
Archbishop Fulton J.  Sheen Foundation Blog
Celebrate Sheen- info on the Beatification
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Cause -Info about the Cause and the Museum in Peoria
Fultonsheen.com -Download hundreds of Sheen talks
Fulton Sheen on Wikipedia
Fulton Sheen Foundation on Pinterest
Fulton Sheen Foundation on Facebook

"You have written and spoken well of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
You are a loyal son of the Church."
~JP2 to FJS in 1979


  1. You're awesome! I love your blog and your idea of a Sheen Curriculum! I am also a Fulton Sheen Fanatic. ;-) I wrote my Senior Thesis (B.A. in Theology at Christendom College) on Fulton Sheen and his teachings on redemptive suffering. I blog about Sheen over at Theological-Librarian. God Love you!

    1. Thanks for checking it out, Emily! I'll enjoy reading your thoughts on Sheen. Always nice to hear about another person impacted by his life and teachings!

  2. Katie, would I be able to use some of your Sheen curriculum? I have an opportunity in the near-ish future to do some sort of after-school Religion program; and, if this works out, I had thought of doing something Sheen-related. How would that work? Thanks & God Love you!

  3. That's great, Emily! I am excited for your opportunity to teach about Sheen! Of course you can use anything that you find here. All of the links above to blog posts have ideas and instructions and then the actual printables for the activities. Everything is free for you to use in a situation like that. If you have any further questions, you can contact me at katherine (dot) bogner (at) gmail (dot) com.

  4. I saw you on Brandon Vogt's Shameless post. I'm so glad I did! This is awesome. I can't wait to look through all your stuff. Thanks for your work!

    1. Hi Kara! Glad you found me! Hope you are able to find lots of good resources to use!

  5. I don't believe in anything that comes from the Vatican now, i only believe the words of Venerable Fulton Sheen, the true man of God

    1. Hi Charlotte, I am glad that you have a devotion to the life and teachings of Fulton Sheen. However, he was a Catholic priest that over his lifetime showed loyalty and obedience both to the Bishops of the Dioceses that he worked in, as well as a love and faithfulness to all of the Popes during his lifetime. He would want us to do the same.

  6. Wow! The children you teach are blessed, you are doing an amazing job passing on the faith!

  7. Holy Mackerel! I am SO impressed! I came here looking for ideas for my youngest in preparing her for Confirmation. I know now how to do it - with Fulton J Sheen as our guide. I think she will be moved by a real-life, recent example. I have downloaded just about everything you have on him, plus the Mass booklet and the Works of Mercy pages. And I'm also ordering the movie. I'm thinking I might pick a few other saints to help show examples of ALL the works of mercy and how she, too, can live them. Do you have any suggestions?

  8. Hi Katie!
    I looked online for the graphic novel about Fulton Sheen....I did not see it. Do you know if it is out of print? I am teaching our parish's confirmation class this year and was looking to use this resource. Thank you for such a wonderful website! I have taught PSR classes for our 5, 6, and 7 grades and am so very excited to have our confirmation youngsters this year. God Bless!

    1. Hi Sharon! It is still available, but I'm not sure it is anywhere online. You can contact the Fulton Sheen Museum- they have copies on hand and hopefully could send you some!

      The Diocesan Museum
      419 NE Madison Avenue Peoria, IL 61603
      Tel: 309-671-1550
      Fax: 309-671-1573
      Sr. Lea

  9. Hi Katie! I am planning a mass for Fulton Sheen in January. Our school masses are not liturgically correct but more aligned with a theme of the week. I will teach my students about Fulton Sheen and then our mass will be a celebration of him. I would love your suggestions for mass readings that would be a reflection of Fulton Sheen. Thanks!

    1. What a neat opportunity!
      I'd definitely suggest 2 Corinthians 4:7-9, as that is where the title of his autobiography Treasure in Clay came from.
      Maybe The Wedding at Cana in John 2 for the Gospel, showing his devotion to Mary and following her words to "do whatever He tells you."
      Those are two that come to mind!

  10. What a gem that you are sharing! I love his sense of humor. The whole family watches Youtube videos from his EWTN series. Thank you for this resource! I think our teens may actually respond quiet well in our Totus Tuus homeschool group. Thank you! God Bless you and your work!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this. This has been such a great help to me.

  12. Thank you very much for sharing this.

  13. Chalk Boad of Bishop Scheen with JMJ on it