Saturday, December 16, 2023

O Antiphons Activity Page

The O Antiphons are traditional, scriptural prayers prayed during the week leading up to Christmas Eve. These antiphons are like a countdown as we near the end of our waiting and our excitement grows. Jesus is almost here!

An antiphon is a short prayer that is spoken, sung, or chanted before and after a longer prayer. The O Antiphons feature the seven titles of the Messiah found in the Book of Isaiah. They are sung in the hymn “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and have been used by Christians for around thirteen hundred years! Each of the meanings of the names originally found in the Old Testament all match up to Who Jesus was, what He said, and what He did.

The O Antiphons make a perfect Advent Bible study. You can use this guide to read more about these titles of Jesus. In the Old Testament passage, you should be looking for promises God made about Who the Messiah would be and what He would do. In the New Testament passage, you should read for information showing how Jesus fulfilled that prophecy about the Messiah. The passages listed are often very short, so you can also read a little more to understand the context of the passage.

We turned the chart in our book into the perfect activity page to use for studying the O Antiphon with older kids. You can find it by clicking here:

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And you can read more about the O Antiphons and other Advent traditions in All about Advent & Christmas: Sharing the Seasons of Hope & Wonder with Children. These coloring pages were made in cooperation with Shari Van Vranken of Catholic Paper Goods using artwork from our new book!

You can find it at The St. Paul Center here or on Amazon here.

And you can find all of the free resources linked in this post:

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