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Celebrating St. Joseph {Feast Day Ideas}

March is dedicated to my dear St. Joseph, husband of Mary and guardian of our Redeemer.  St. Joseph important in the life of every believer, but as he is the patron Saint of my school, we try to make his feast day special.  I've got a collection of posts that share some of the ways we've celebrated in case you'd like to learn and pray with St. Joseph this month and especially on his feast day March 19th.   However, many of these ideas would be applicable with any Saint that you are trying to celebrate- especially a patron Saint of your parish, school, or home.

In the round up of ideas below, click on any title with a *** to take you to a more detailed post or printable.

Easy St. Joseph Shrines ***

Holy Family Coloring Page***

A few years ago while visiting the Philippines, Pope Francis wove his love for St. Joseph into an address on prayer and family.  Specifically, he spoke about a statue he has on his desk of the Sleeping St. Joseph.  From the Gospels, we know that St. Joseph listened to God in his dreams and then rose to act on His will.  Pope Francis shared with his audience that he asks St. Joseph to pray for his intentions by writing them down and slipping the paper under the statue of St. Joseph.

This sweet devotion has been spreading slowly across the world.  A dear friend was the first to introduce it to me, and I just love this new connection with one of my very favorite Saints.  How comforting to think of St. Joseph caring for the Church, for us and our concerns, while resting in God.  Go check out this post for all kinds of ideas and activities about the devotion to the Sleeping St. Joseph.

Here are a few Murals/Posters we've created to display on St. Joseph Day:
This one was made of wooden popsicle sticks representing Joseph's work as a carpenter.  Each student took one and wrote a title or role of St. Joseph and we assembled them into this mural.

St. Joseph's Day Bread:
Our school has a tradition that fresh bread is blessed on his feast day and passed out to everyone.  Each class shares a loaf while thanking St. Joseph for his provision and protection, and each student takes a small loaf home to share with their families.

I usually read this book called St. Joseph's Story from Word Among Us Press (affiliate link):
It has beautiful pictures:

Novenas are powerful- well, they are powerful if you are seeking God's will and are prepared for his answer.  You can read this post about the most obvious answer to a novena I have received, when I started praying this novena to St. Joseph the Worker, which resulted in my current job at St. Joseph School.  It was kind of crazy amazing at the time, and looking back, I can see God's hand in it even more clearly.

If you  would like to join in praying the St. Joseph novena leading up to his March 19th Solemnity, you could use this color-a-novena printable.  There's one lily to color in for each day you pray.  If you would like to finish the nine days on his actual feast, you should start on March 11th.  Or you can begin this novena any time and for any length to increase your devotion to St. Joseph and ask his powerful intercession.

St. Joseph also has a feast day on May 1st, celebrating his work and provision and protection for the Holy Family and for the Church.  This quote from St. John Paul II has long been one of my favorites, and I lettered it as a reminder to pray for the work of the leaders in our lives and homes.

"St. Joseph was a just man, a tireless worker, the upright guardian of those entrusted to his care.  May he always guard, protect, and enlighten families." ~St. John Paul II

St. Joseph Holy Saturday Coloring Page***
Click here for some resources for Holy Saturday and a couple of printables with a line about St. Joseph from a favorite poem:

St. Joseph Memorare Prayer Cards***
Similar in wording to the original Memorare, this one asks for the intercession of St. Joseph.

St. Joseph Traveling Shrine or Statue
One year we sent a small St. Joseph statue to visit each classroom in the school for a day in March leading up to St. Joseph's Feast.  It traveled with a couple of books and a prayer journal that each class wrote in.  The Shrine was then displayed in the school office for the rest of the month.

I hope you have a blessed March and St. Joseph Day!  I'd love to hear how you celebrate Saint's Feast Days with your groups of kiddos!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sweeter Than Honey Coloring Pages {March}

The big idea of our Sweeter than Honey CCD theme this year is to encourage the kids to know and memorize Scripture, specifically the Psalms, so that they know that God's promises are so sweet.

Each month, I'll share a set of coloring pages, one for each Sunday, featuring the Psalm from Sunday Mass.  Using special fonts and simple decorations, they are meant to be a quick addition to your weekly class as an aide to memorizing the Responsorial Psalm.  Add it to your opening and closing prayer, give the students a few minutes to color it during class, and send it home to be hung up on the fridge or bathroom mirror.

Here are the coloring pages for the four Sundays of March:

Click here for the full size Psalm coloring pages for March:

Click here for the half page size Psalm coloring pages for March:
(These fit perfectly inside the Scripture Book cover from this post)

I'll post coloring pages of the Psalms once a month, so stay tuned!  You can find the other resources at these links:

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Studying Scripure: Transfer & Tracing Techniques

In response to comments and questions on some of my Instagram posts of my Bible margin doodles, today I want to share with you a few tips and tricks for transferring designs, lettering, etc. into my Bible (or journal, etc.) because I am NOT freehanding my work from scratch.  What you see in my photos of my Bible or my Sunday Readings Scripture Doodles is often the fruit of a sketch, a rough draft, transferring, and then inking, etc.  It takes a little longer, but I am much happier with the results especially when working in something as important as my Bible.

(FYI- the links below are Amazon Affiliate links. That means that if you click through and purchase something, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.)

I've been spending lots of time in my new Catholic Journaling Bible- reading and studying and being creative.  Check out the bottom of the post for links about how I use my current (non journaling) study Bible and how my favorite pens and art supplies hold up in the Catholic Journaling Bible.

For this post, I'd like to share a few techniques with you for taking an idea and transferring it into your Bible.  The same tips would work in a journal, etc.  First, you need to decide on the design you'd like to add to your Bible.  A few ideas:
-Create your own sketch of the verse/image.  I highly recommend graph paper- it makes it so easy to keep things straight/balanced/centered.  No matter the kind of paper, I always mark off the final size I am going for first (size of the Bible margin or journaling page) and then sketch.
-You also can find a font that you love and type the verse you want to journal.  Play with sizes, placement and even mix up two or more fonts.  Then print to your needed size!
-There are some Bible journaling templates out there that you can download and print yourself, already designed and ready to go. (Search on Pinterest for Bible Margin Templates- and I also offer them in my Etsy Shop!)
...Now, to get that design in your Bible or journal.

First here are some general supplies I love for working in my Bible:
-These colored pencils
-This pencil sharpener (sharpens both large and small colored pencils)
-These pencils (the only kind worth having!)
-These pens
-This amazing light box
-Graph paper like this
-Watercolors like this
-Gesso like this
-This little ruler
-This eraser
-Washi Tape like this
-Vellum like this or this or this

Once you have a design you love, you have a few options for transferring to your Bible page where you can then ink, color, paint, etc.

Carbon Transfer
-You can transfer your design using erasable carbon paper by layering pattern, carbon paper, and then your Bible/journal.  I would recommend using washi tape to hold it down while you are tracing.
-If you don't want to spring for carbon paper, shade in the back of your design with a layer of pencil (shown in photo below) and it will work just as well.
-Once it is positioned, trace over the lettering or design using a pencil or pen (using color helps you know what you have already traced!)
-It's a good idea to carefully check if you are applying enough pressure by lifting up and edge near where you have traced to make sure you see the outline.
-When finished, peel off the pattern and you have a faint pencil outline that you can ink, erase lines, and decorate!

Pencil on the back:

Ready to trace:

Very light pencil lines:

Traced over with ink:

-Another option is to trace your design by laying it under the page you'd like it on.  This works if the Bible or journal page is very thin (possible with the BIS Bible) and if your design is bold and dark.
-Lay your pattern under the page you want to trace it on.
-I still recommend using washi tape to hold it in place.
-Carefully trace, either in pencil first or directly in ink.
-Remove pattern, erase if needed, and decorate!

You can faintly see the pattern through the paper here:

Traced in ink:

Added some decorations:

Light Board
-You can up your tracing game with a light board.  I just got one for Christmas and I do no know how I've gotten through a whole life of drawing and crafting without it.  Seriously, if you ask what my favorite tool is for Bible Journaling, this is it.  

-The light board that I'm using is 9x12" and only about 1/4" thick, making it easy to lay flat on the table and work on and also simple to slide inbetween pages of a Bible or journal.  This one has a USB cord that can be plugged into a wall or into a computer for power, which is super helpful.  It also can be dimmed and brightened depending on the thickness of what you are working with.
-I usually will tape the pattern to the back of the Bible page, but won't also tape it to the light board.  That way if the light board moves (which it will) it won't rip your Bible page.

-Usually, I just place the light board in between the pages and get to work, but sometimes if the page I'm tracing on is near the front or the back of the Bible, I have propped up the other side of the light board with a book of similar height.  This make tracing easier as the board stays level and doesn't slide, and also makes it less likely to tear those delicate pages.
-I love that I can work with the light board to trace even the most detailed patterns and don't have pencil lines to erase afterwards, which is both messy and can cause you to damage the page or smear the ink, which is a tragedy.

There you have it!  A few tried and true transferring techniques.  Now off to make or find some awesome patterns and designs to use!

You can visit my Etsy shop to get both digital files to download and print yourself, ready to trace using any of these techniques.

Or, if you want something a little quicker, I also offer Bible margin doodles as preprinted stickers on matte white paper, ready to decorate and then just stick straight into your Bible.

I have ten sets of Bible Margin Doodles in the shop right now (50 different stickers).  And there are specific sets just for Lent and Easter, so if you are working on a goal to spend more time in Scripture during Lent, they'd be perfect!

And as a special thank you to my blog readers, for the rest of Lent, I'll send you a free Catholic Colorable Sticker set with any order.  Just mention in your order notes that you are a blog reader and which set you'd like! (Pictured are sets 1, 2 and 3 from left to right).

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Holy Family Hearts Coloring Page + Prayer Cards

The month of February is dedicated to honoring the Holy Family.  I'm so happy to share with you a few printables celebrating the Holy Family using the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Pure Heart of St. Joseph.  Perfect for any time of year, they would also be awesome, holy activities for this Lenten St. Valentine's Day as well. :)

Click here for the Holy Family Hearts Coloring Page:

I just made these cute little aspiration cards for a ladies' youth group event and realized they'd make great Valentines too.  They have the Holy Family Hearts on one side and on the other side there are eight short, easy prayers to memorize and use frequently during your day like "Jesus, I trust in You," and "Come Holy Spirit."

Click here for the Holy Family Hearts Aspiration Cards:

The Holy Family Hearts are also available in my Etsy shop as both a rubber stamp and a couple of different kinds of stickers.  I have to hold back to not stamp it on every thing I own. ;)

I also have tons of versions of coloring pages and prayer cards for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, including these pretty stained glass coloring pages.

Click here for more printables:
Sacred Heart of Jesus Coloring Pages
Sacred Heart of Jesus & Anima Christi Prayer Cards
Sacred Heart of Jesus Color-A-Novena
Immaculate Heart of Mary & Seven Sorrows of Mary Coloring Pages
Immaculate Heart of Mary & Hail Holy Holy Queen Prayer Cards

“I wish to invoke the protection of the Holy Family of Nazareth…it is therefore the prototype and example for all Christian families…St. Joseph was a “just man”…may he always guard, protect and enlighten families. May the Virgin Mary, who is the Mother of the Church, also be the Mother of “the Church of the home”…May Christ the Lord, the Universal King, the King of Families, be present in every Christian home as He was at Cana, bestowing light, joy, serenity, and strength”
~St. John Paul II