Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Right

Once upon a time...Goldilocks visited Oh-Henry.

She was tired after her journey, and needed a place to sit down and have a cup of tea.

So, she decided to use my couch.  (There are very few good tea places in Oh-Henry.)

She got all settled, and went to adjust the pillow behind her.

And took a closer look...

And decided that it was ugly.
Now, Baby Bear thinks that this pillow is fluffy and perfect to sit on.  Goldilocks thinks that it is sooo 2005.  She wondered what lay beneath the slip cover...and found this monstrosity.
Now, Papa Bear thinks that this pillow is soft, and a good size to put under his head for a nap.  He does not care what color it is.  Goldilocks said that it would just not do.
 So she set to work with some fabric she found in the closet.  (Aren't the pastel pins pretty?)
A few rows of stitches later, she flipped it inside out, covered the peach monstrosity, and whaa laa- I found this beauty on my couch when I got home.  Goldilocks, Mama Bear, and I all agree that this one is better than "just right."
She must have been proud of her efforts, because this one was on the other couch.  Not quite as pretty as the first, but I like it too.
Come to think of it, these pillows look something I recently posted.  Maybe Goldilocks reads my blog!  If so, she should become a follower.
I promise that these browns match IRL.  
Goldilocks should visit more often.


  1. Dude, I don't even have a comment for your talent. You put us all to shame. Seriously!? I wish we lived could show me a thing or two :)

  2. It was all Goldilocks.

    You should come on a road trip...we could craft...I'm sure the boys would all love it :)