Friday, January 6, 2012

People get ready, Sunday is coming

For a couple of months, I have intentionally been working on preparing for the Sabbath, making it the focus of my week.  I explained my plan in this post.

One thing that has helped me is Fr. Robert Barron's weekly podcast.  I have seen him speak twice, and he is phenomenal.  His dynamic and practical teaching style carries over into these powerful, yet short, sermons.  The podcasts come out a usually a few days before the Sabbath, and are reflections on the upcoming Sunday Mass readings.  Last week's was a beautiful reflection on looking into the face of God and why Christ came as a baby.  This week's is a comparison of King Herod, who looked at the world through the lens of his own ego and was trapped inside himself, and the Magi, who looked outside of themselves for truth, and were therefore liberated  to follow the star of Bethlehem.

You can visit his website, Word on Fire, or can subscribe to the podcast through itunes.  Ten minutes to help make your Sunday more meaningful.

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