Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pop Quiz: The Box Edition

Pop Quiz

You have just opened your door to find a four foot tall stack of boxes.

Question: Why?

Possible Answers:
A) You do a lot of online retail therapy, and it has been a bad week
B) You are getting a new roommate, and he/she has packed his/her belongings in tiny (yet heavy) boxes, dropped them at the door, and expects you to unpack them.
C) UPS must have a new driver on route who made a mistake (my UPS driver knows me by name, doesn’t yours?-I’m not joking. I have run into him in other places, and he is all like, “Hey, you’re Katie, from over on ______ Street!” Yes, this is a small town.)  
D) Your neighbors are having storage issues and have decided that the hallway in front of your door is fair game.
E) You seem to be improving in soliciting donations for an upcoming conference.

Correct answer for Katie?


Did you guess?

I was surprised to open my door today to find this stack, delivered at least a month before I thought that it would be.  This is ONLY HALF of a great donation that will be put in the goody bags for the upcoming Behold Conference.  Half!  Have I mentioned that I already have an entire closet full of items for the conference?  I am currently wondering where these 16 boxes are going to go.  So if you come and visit me over the next two months, don’t be surprised to find boxes stacked to the ceiling in my living room.

Oh, were you wondering what was in the boxes?

You’re just going to have to come to the Behold Conference to find out!


  1. I AM excited to know what is in them! :)

  2. You could put them in two equal stacks next to your stove, cover it with a table cloth and consider it more counter space :).

  3. Anita, your idea is tempting...

  4. I knew! I knew! I knew! We were in my car when you made that phone call and had to convince that woman that it was OK to send them to you, right? So I'm guessing you're going to be using them as a TV stand when we come over for the S & S viewing party in February, yes? ;) Oh my, what a stack!

  5. Yup, that was the phone call! I actually was able to rearrange the closet, move some things elsewhere, and fit all of these inside. Now, if the next stack comes before the viewing party, they WILL be in my living room. We can use them as footrests, also. There will certainly be enough.