Wednesday, April 24, 2013


There is no doubt that part of my inspiration to start this Fulton Sheen ongoing project was my connection through my good friends' story of Sheen allegedly interceding on behalf of their stillborn son James Fulton.  You can read about my decision to teach about Fulton Sheen here.

Needless to say, with such a connection, I would be remiss not to share the alleged miracle with my students.  So I decided to trade favors with James' mom (you come speak to my class and I'll make your daughter's birthday invitations...) just kidding!  Bonnie has been VERY supportive of this project, so I asked her to come and give a version of her talk "61 minutes" to my 5th graders.

We had a couple of students absent, so at the last minute we decided to film it so that they wouldn't miss out.  The video itself isn't anything special (as in a flipcam propped on a desk), but if you are looking for more about James Fulton, want Fulton Sheen to be canonized, or are just looking for an inspirational God centered story, it is worth a watch.

Here is the video of her talk:

And here is the shorter Q & A after the talk:

 Not to neglect the Fulton Sheen Notebook, the kids has this note-taking sheet ready to go.  We prepped questions that they might like to ask her during the Q & A(because you never know what will come out of a 5th grader's mouth) and there were five questions that they had to listen for during the talk.
 We had already cut these out and glued them into their notebooks.
 The questions were on a flap, and they could lift up and record the answer underneath.
Click here for the printable.

This was an incredible experience for the kids, and I hope that you enjoyed it too!


  1. I'm glad you filmed Bonnie speaking to your class! That's the first time I've gotten to hear her talk on James. Super cool :) PS- That kiddo can't get any cuter!!

  2. So cool! Your kids sure have a lot of classroom experiences they will never forget.