Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Non-fiction Reading Skills with Sheen

Continuing our study of Sheen and the canonization process, I decided to take a little time to review non-fiction text skills with some newspaper articles about Sheen.
Here are the links to two great articles about the alleged miraculous healing attributed to Sheen's intercession.

Sept. 18, 2011- Sheen intercession cited in area boy's alleged miraculous healing
Dec. 11, 2011- Evidence of alleged miracle with Sheen link heads to Rome

Copies of those articles along with the non-fiction notes below were given to the kids.  I actually had them set up as stations with another activity or two while I worked with small reading groups.  The students love this kind of set up because it gives them some freedom and they can work at their own pace.  I love it because it helps them develop independence and keeps them busy.  Peeking in the door, it looks like chaos, but it is all good.

Here are the two note taking sheets:

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