Sunday, April 21, 2013

Storage in Style

I am blessed right now to have an extra bedroom in my apartment which has been dubbed "the craft room."  It really should be a second bedroom, or an office, but a craft room it is.  I am loving the way that it is set up and the work that I can do in there, and I am hoping soon that it will all be arranged/unpacked/sorted to my liking.  I have been in this apartment for...9 months...and I just still am not quite done.  I'll post pictures eventually.

Until then, check out the "new" furniture that I got:

 I found this at a new second hand store in my town this fall.  I jokingly told the owner that I loved it, and that if someone came in asking for "Katie's Christmas Gift," to send them in the right direction.  I told my mom about it, and then forgot about it.  Fast forward to Christmas, and my mom, dad, and brothers-in-law had to leave the room to carry/drag this into the room.  I was so excited!

This is one solid piece of furniture, and has the prettiest finish.  This picture didn't turn out well, but it has these neat carvings on the doors:
The inside was a traditional armoire, with a hanging rack on the left and drawers on the right.  My mom built shelves for the open side, which can easily be removed if I ever wanted to use it in its original state. She also used her woodworking skills to realign some of the tracks and fix up the finish.

Here you can see that I am not using it for clothes.  It has become the main storage in my craft room.  Top two shelves have folded fabric (in rainbow order, of course). 
The bottom currently has plastic shoe boxes with craft supplies, which I would like to replace eventually with something like this:
 I love the drawers, and wanted to add those metal label holders.  Since it was a gift, my mom took the challenge of finding them.
 Again, a poor picture, but these are exactly what I wanted.  I put brown craft paper labels inside, making it easy to remember where things are.
 Like the ribbon drawer, for example:
I love it, and everything is so organized!

Now I just need some more time to make some crafts!  Summer will be here soon :)


  1. Katie!!! I wondering if you ended up getting that and absolutely love that you turned it into a craft hutch. Love it!

    1. yay! I was so excited, and will always remember that I found it while shopping with you!