Friday, August 30, 2013

Back in the Classroom Again

 Most of us are back in the classroom again, or will be soon.  Here are a couple of things that make the start up in my room a little smoother!

Get to know your students and help them feel more comfortable with this U Survey.  Send it home or have them work on it individually, then collect them and read for your reference (always good to know a few tidbits about the kiddos early on) or have them share a few answers with the class.  Also, they will love it if you actually answer the questions they ask in that box on the left!  Click here for a printable:

Also, I am a big fan of using folders well to help keep kids organized.  I like to put these labels on the inside pockets of a folder to help the kids know when papers should be left at home (put them in the LEFT pocket) and when they should come back (put them in the RIGHT pocket).

Click on the picture below for a printable that will give you full sheets of 30 labels on standard sized mailing labels (2.625" x 1"). 
 (it is a two page document, fyi, one will all the lefts and one with all the rights)

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