Friday, August 9, 2013

Spiritual Adoption Prayer

It is funny that I now realize that I knew Fulton Sheen's Spiritual adoption prayer before I really knew who he was.  The same thing occurred with my students, who had the Spiritual Adoption prayer memorized long before they met me.  I loved getting to "tell" them that the guy they were getting to know was the author of that prayer. :)

I was doing some organizing for the beginning of the school year and ran across some of our Spiritual Adoption Resources, and I just wanted to post an updated list of some of the pro life resources I have used.

The Touch of Life fetal models make such a big impact.  This one is a model the size, weight, and development of a baby 12 weeks after conception.  All of our CCD students got to take home one of these models at the 12 week mark in the spiritual adoption last year.  My youth group loved getting to see the full set of models, which range from 12 weeks to 30 weeks.

I made lots of printables to go along with our 9 month Spiritual Adoption as a CCD Program last year.  Click here for info on Spiritual adoption, including adoption cards, prayer bookmarks, and a Youth Group lesson with links to good YouTube videos. 

Click here for Spiritual Adoption Update Postcards, which can be sent every month with updates on the baby's growth and development and a reminder to keep praying.

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