Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fight the good fight- It's time for school to start...

It's that time of year...back to school. Anyone else feeling overwhelmed?  Oh wait, that is a rhetorical question to ask most of the crowd that makes up my blog readers at this time of year.
So to all of my fellow educators, teachers, DREs, catechists...don't forget that we are in this together.  As St. Paul says, "Fight the good fight!"

Running with my Armor of God theme for the year, here is the main bulletin board in our hallway:
 I LOVE it!  With a little brainstorming from a friend, I went from just putting up some more shields and swords like the rest of our decorations to this awesome creation.

I started with some cheapo army men from the Dollar Tree:

 And with Toy Story in mind, made some of them parachute in like relief troops from heaven...
...and land among the quote, "Be Soldiers!" spoken many time by my beloved Blessed John Paul II.  (I will have to change this to Saint (!) sometime soon!- I can't say that I mind!)
 I also made these little tags to tie a soldier on to send home with the kids:
and scattered in some Scripture and the words faith, peace, etc. to represent the armor of God...
...and a prayer for our Patron Saint this year, St. Michael.

Click here for a printable of the bulletin board set: large "Be Soldiers!" letters, Scripture verses, and St. Michael prayer. (***Updated file to ST. JP2)
Click here for the "Be Soldiers!" tags.  A trip to Dollar Tree, and you will be good to go.

I really couldn't help but have a little fun with these army men, sitting all alone in my basement office...what advice would they offer us in this back to school season?

Here is what I picture them saying:

"Requisition school supplies NOW!  Prices will be ten times as much next month."

"Be on the lookout for great ideas to borrow/steal from other people.  
Teaching is not about reinventing the wheel. Teamwork and collaboration are your friends!"
"Learn, know, and rely on your textbook and curriculum guidelines/standards.  
Then find a way to supplement them that is a little more out of the box and will make a greater impact."

"When the going gets rough, you can always call in reinforcements in the form of Larry and Bob from Veggie Tales."
"Never be intimidated by the stacks of paperwork.  You will overcome."
"And always always always remember the coffee.  Coffee and prayer will get you through!"
Here's to a new year!  God's blessings on all of you!


  1. Love this! I think it would be awesome to use just as my kids are getting Confirmed - once they are clothed with the "armor"! Thanks for always sharing!

  2. Hi Katie,
    Any chance this has been updated to St. John Paul II? I'd love to use this idea next week as my school celebrates Spirit Week. :)
    Mary Beth, teacher at St. John Paul II Prep School

    1. Ask and you shall receive, Mary Beth! Links are updated to the new files. I had totally forgotten about this activity, and now I think I'll use this for my students next week. Thanks!