Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fulton Sheen Journaling

I love using this simple tool in my classroom.  This post shows how I created the board and used it for our virtue formation project.  Back in this post, I explained one way that I use this simple poster-board-and-plastic-sleeve created tool for student discussion and evaluation after watching videos in the classroom.  Here is another quick way to use it to promote discussion before a writing assignment.

This example was from some brainstorming for a journal writing assignment based around the question "Why Should Fulton Sheen be a Saint?"  I have several other Fulton Sheen related journal ideas and a printable posted here.

To get the kids thinking, I posted the journal writing question using the plastic sleeve at the top of the poster board.  We set the goal of them creating five reasons why they thought Sheen would create a great example for the Church.  I happened to have these great post its with room for a list of five (from the dollar bin in Target), so it was easy for them to organize their ideas.

When they were finished, they shared their reasons with the class and stuck their post it on their square.  We instantly had an anchor poster for our discussion and I had an evaluation tool.

The following day when we were ready to write, the kids pulled their post it off the poster, stuck it in their writing notebook, and used the ideas for the details in their journaling assignment.

I'd love to hear how other classrooms use this same idea!

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