Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who Do You Follow? Youth Group Lesson

I had the privilege of speaking to a newly formed youth group at a nearby parish a few weeks ago.  After consulting with their leaders, I presented a talk called "Who Do You Follow" focusing on using social media as a young Catholic.  It was an adaptation of a couple of other lessons I had given to my own youth group in the past.

I was inspired by this great video, portraying what social media networks might have looked like if they were around during the time of Jesus's ministry, death, and resurrection.

Follow from Igniter Media on Vimeo.

The basic idea of this lesson:
-Technology is a huge part of our world.
-We are meant to know, love, and serve God.
-We can use technology to follow Christ in every aspect of our lives.

Click here for the leader discussion guide:

I also made a card to handout to the kids with the verse and main idea of the lesson.  Click on either picture for the two page printable:

I also had a powerpoint with the key points (and the embedded video to make the presentation easier).  It is a little harder to share a power point through Google Drive, so if you download this, be aware that the fonts and images will probably be messed up, and the embedded video will not work.  I decided to go ahead and share it because you can easily reformat it, re link the video, and adapt it to the needs of your group.  Click here for the power point:

Also, this is another version of this lesson that I used during Lent as we neared Holy Week.  We did not focus on technology and its use so much, but instead watched this video and talked about the people who followed Jesus and then turned on him.  We used this handout, which can be folded in half vertically and flipped back and forth to show the contrast of faith vs. betrayal. Click here for that handout:


  1. Thank you for posting this lesson. Your willingness to share it demonstrates your servant leadership and faith. Many blessings as you journey forward.

  2. Thank you for sharing this lesson. I made a Kahoot to accompany it and wanted to share it in case others would like to use it as a closing activity.

    1. Moriah, so much fun! What a great way to get the kids involved after the lesson. Thank you so much for sharing!

    2. Katie this is great! LOVE this idea!!

  3. God bless you abundantly Katie for all you wonderful work. You are indeed God's chosen child who willingly shares such magnificent ideas with others. God bless you always. Sunita Fernandes

  4. Thank you for sharing this lesson. I love all the word you put into it.