Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Youth Bible Study- The Moral Virtues

This past spring, my young adult Bible Study explored the seven virtues.  This study also connected the lives of the Saints and challenges to evangelize.  We thought these tied in so well because the Saints give us the example of heroic virtue, and our call to evangelize is one way to live the virtues out.

The leaders of the Bible Study and I worked together to gather the material and choose the scripture verses and Saints to discuss.  I think that we were able to create a pretty unique look at the virtues, and with the their permission, I plan on using a slightly adapted version of the study with my Youth Group kids this fall.  (Thanks J, H, & J!)  I simplified the outlines a bit and changed the wording to make it more teen friendly.  I'd like to share those outlines here so that someone else might get some use out of them as well.

This post contains the outlines (two pages each, booklet style) for each of the Moral Virtues- temperance, fortitude, prudence, and justice.  The other three outlines for the Theological Virtues (meant to be taught first) can be found here.

Click here for the Bible Study guide on the virtue of temperance:
Click here for the Bible Study guide on the virtue of fortitude:
Click here for the Bible Study guide on the virtue of prudence:
Click here for the Bible Study guide on the virtue of justice:

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  1. Hi Katie,
    I just love all of your ideas and love for our Catholic Faith!
    I am going to be using your virtues' lessons with my 6th graders for the next couple of weeks, and after looking through your wonderful resources, I did have a question on the bible study guides. How do you use those 2 pages? Really, the one thing I'm a little confused about is the bullet point under the word "Charge" on each of the study guides. Could you explain a little bit? And also, there is the opening question that asks, " If someone asked you what the Gospel is, what would you say?" What type of answers are you hoping for? How can I guide them to the best answer that fits with our virtues lessons?
    Thanks again,
    and I just love you and all the work you're doing. I hope you are having a great year. Are you still teaching 5th? I forgot what state you said you were in. I will pray for you!

  2. yeah this didn't even help me at all for school