Monday, September 29, 2014

Built on the Rock: Awesome Posters

I was finally able to "finish" decorating our CCD hallway for our Built on the Rock theme this year.  I have had my eye out for posters and decorations to match this bulletin board and signs and our theme colors.  I ordered some awesome posters from Steubenville Press, and had to share them with you!  (You can click on any of the pictures below and go straight to that poster on their site. No money for me, but I want you to be able to find these great resources!)  The business is family owned, and after receiving the posters I was impressed by their quality.  While not super cheap, the high quality and strong Catholic influence made this a valuable resources site for me. 

It all started when one of my catechists recommended I check out their site because she had seen this great explanation of the Vatican Flag:

I also found this one that has our theme verse for the year and lists all of the popes from Peter to Francis:

 They look great in the hallway right next to our Papal Flag!

I also got this one with the disciples on a ship in the storm to match our fishers of men decorations (this boat and this fishing net).

With our emphasis on St. Peter and his authority given from Christ, we will be using lots of info on popes of the past, including displaying this info board on St. John Paul II and St. John XXIII. I was able to find several great posters with recent popes.

So here we have St. John Paul II...
 And Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI...
 And Pope Francis before a crucifix.

 And then I threw in this graphically interesting Nicene Creed for good measure!

Head on over to Steubenville Press to find some great posters or prayer cards for your home or school!  I am sure you will find some great things!


  1. Thanks!! Ive been looking everywhere for posters.. just googling got me nowhere. Love these and am ordering some for my ccd class room.

    1. Yay! The only trouble you will have is choosing- they have so many to pick from!

  2. Hi, Katie, I came to visit your blog today to get inspiration for this year's banner and to find the theme verse in Matthew. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate using your blog as a resource this year! Be blessed, my friend!

  3. This is amazing! I have to say that I had to be very careful whenever I just searched for something as I never knew if it was an acceptable Catholic version or not. Sometimes Catholic posters weren't so appealing to the eye either. So now I can rest easy in knowing that there is something out there that I can use! I can't thank you enough!
    GOD Bless!