Monday, September 8, 2014

Built on the Rock Decorations- Fishers of Men & St. Peter

Back here and here I have already shared ideas for decorations and bulletin boards centering around our CCD theme of "Built on the Rock!"

Here are a few more ideas:

Honoring St. Peter's transition from being a fishermen to becoming a fisher of men:
I inherited this poster but have never used it for anything special, so it got pulled out this year.
I added another cheap fishing net ...
...and added some evangelization fish.

We already had St. Peter painted on our CCD walls, but this year he will be an interactive teacher.  He was ready for the first day with some questions for the students and a poster complete with a marker for them to answer.  Who knows what he might become as the year goes on!

If you like our St. Peter mural, you can get a matching coloring page here.

You can get  more printables for a Built on the Rock theme here and here.

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