Monday, September 1, 2014

Built on the Rock CCD Theme Bulletin Board

Every year, I have a new theme for our CCD program that runs over into decorations, paperwork, Scripture verses, songs, crafts, books, and patron Saints.  (You can see our "Armor of God" theme here and our "My Soul Magnifies the Lord" theme here.)

This year, our theme is "Built on the Rock!" from Matthew 16:18- "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church."  We will spend the year learning more about the beauty and importance of the gift of our Church.  St. Peter will be our patron Saint, and we will also incorporate activities about other popes.

Here is our main bulletin board.
Printables for the letters and keys can be found at the end of the post.
 The rocks are made from torn black construction paper, highlighted with white chalk. Easy peesy, but gives some dimension and looks cool.

The bulletin board is above a small resource shelf, currently featuring books about St. Peter (and some decorative ROCKS, of course.)

St. Peter's Story, by Marion Thomas.
Follow Me: Peter Lays Down His Net, by Erik Rottmann.
We've got a crucifix hung in a prominent place and a great poster of Papa Francis from our Diocese's Vocations office.
And we've got some Vatican flags hung.  (I got these here for a great price.)

Click here for the multi page printable for the "Built on the Rock!" bulletin board header.
Click here for the keys.  On this particular bulletin board, I enlarged these at 200% to get them to be the right size.

Coming up, I'll have posts with our St. Peter hallway decorations, ideas for bulletin boards, and more printables for the built on the rock theme.  Come back!

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