Friday, March 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes- Lent Finds Me


Why this song today?  The line "Oh, my stubborn soul" summarizes what Lent is going to be tackling in me.
I bet JP2 and FJS are up in heaven high fivin'
But before we get into the sacrifice and penance of Lent...let's take a minute to celebrate!
Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen is one step closer to Beatification!  Yesterday, it was announced that the Vatican medical review board could find no medical reason for the alleged (yes still alleged) miraculous healing of James Fulton Engstrom.  Next step, theologians, then the Bishops, and then...Pope Francis will decide if this indeed is a miracle and if Sheen will be named Blessed.
While we wait, might I suggest you start reading up on Fulton Sheen, both about him and books that he has written?
And also, start teaching the kids in your life about him?
This is big stuff, people.  Seize the moment! :) And keep praying!
You can read the press release from the Sheen Foundation here and the Catholic Post Article here.

And one more thing to celebrate: Behold was a great success!  Lovely women, inspiring talks,  connecting with friends, great food, awesome details- everything was something to behold.  You can read the Peoria Journal Star's nice article about the conference here.  I'll save some words and just show you a few of the pictures of the conference from my perspective:

I love Edith Stein.

And Joan of Arc.  And lots of purple.

And hundreds of purple bags, in Peoria just in time for their debut appearance on Saturday.

 Behold, where the men's restrooms are women's restrooms for the day.
 ...and those bathrooms are filled with fancy things.

I loved the decorations!

And I love this lady.  My mom is awesome.

Speaking of moms, this is one conference where changing tables and diapers are on the set up list.

Remember how I said Marie Miller and I are BFFs?  Look closely, and you will see that she and I hung out on Saturday.  Well, she might be on stage.  And I might be in the picture on the screen.  But look at how close we are!
Going to see this on Saturday!  Very excited :)

My Lenten resolution for the coming weekend (besides seeing this movie)?  Cleaning my pigsty of an apartment.  I think that physically cleaning, organizing, and throwing things out of my home is a great way to start the cleansing season of Lent.  I also am getting a little tired of the "creative" outfits that I am coming up with because I have so few clean clothes.  Oh, how I miss having my own washer and dryer...something else to offer up, I must remember.

Attention Snow: You finally broke the record.  Last Saturday.  I think you were just showing attitude yesterday with that extra couple of inches.  Enough already.  Winter is done.  I am finished with wearing that heavy coat.  And driving in your mess for an  1 1/2 hour everyday.  We. Are. Through.  I AM SO TIRED OF WINTER!...and we have yet another thing of offer up.  Thanks, Lent.

Memo to me from the pot in my sink:

I beg you Katie, stop reading while trying to cook dinner.  Just don't.  It never ends well for me or for you.  I know you were just trying to cook some rice for a simple meal on Ash Wednesday, and were making extra so that you could eat the leftovers on Friday.  Killing the waiting time with a few minutes of reading probably didn't seem like a bad idea, but you forget that I know you too well.

Your creation of a basic, meatless meal in the spirit of Lent was well intentioned.  But then you walked away from the stove for too long.  And put a lid on me.  And turned up the music too loud.  And your next indication that you should get your nose out of chapter 8 was your nose detecting a lovely charcoal smell coming from my general vicinity.  

It may have been Ash Wednesday, but I don't really imagine that the Church expects me to be turned to ash as well.   You certainly tried.  So now instead of a simple meal, you get to scrub me out as penance.  Good job.

Your Almost-Brand-New Pot

Happy Lent to you all!  Visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. The purple looked GREAT. I could also be a little biased as it is my favorite color ;-).
    I think your pot and my pot could get together and have a little ranting session of their abuse, haha!

    Happy Lent!

    1. Ranting pots. That could be entertaining :)

  2. Oh NO!!!!! Not your really nice new pot that your mom looked high and low for to give to you as a lovely Christmas present. My face is doing an upside down thing right now. :( PS--I love you and think you are awesome too!

    1. I little baking soda and so much scrubbing my hand cramped, and it is almost as good as new.

  3. Replies
    1. My favorite Shane and Shane song is "Everything is Different," but it has the dreaded non-Lent "A" word in it :)